Unit 207 Newsletter
June/July 2002
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter has been revived! Bob Chambers edited the newsletter for several years until his "retirement" in January 2002. The new editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Chris Hull. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Regular features will be upcoming unit and club events, congratulations to players achieving the rank of Life Master and above, congratulations for other special bridge achievements, farewells to members moving out of the Unit 207 area, and death notices. Please let the editor know about such things so that they may be included in the newsletter. Please do not expect everything told to the editor to appear in the newsletter. The supervising editor makes the final decision on each issue's content.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Jun 8(Sat)Ice Cream Social - NW Rec Center - 12:30
Jun 22-23  (Sat-Sun)Non-Life Master Sectional- NW Rec Center -
Jul 2-7(Tues-Sun)  Austin Regional - Renaissance Hotel (Arboretum)
Jul 13(Sat)City Championship - NW Rec Center - 12:30/TBA -
Meal between sessions - 3 Flights: 0-499 (NLM), 500-1999, 2000+

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Jun 3(Mon)Senior Activity Center - Club Championship
Jun 6(Thur)NW Recreation Center - Club Championship
Jun 9(Sun)Dell Center - Club Championship
Jun 12(Wed)NW Recreation Center - NAP Qualifier
Jun 18(Tue)NW Recreation Center - NAP Qualifier
Jun 24(Mon)NW Recreation Center - NAP Qualifier
Jun 27(Thur)Dell Center - NAP Qualifier
Jun 29(Sat)Team game at the Bruce's - Club Championship
Jun 30(Sun)Dell Center - NAP Qualifier
Jul 10(Wed)NW Recreation Center - NAP Qualifier
Jul 11(Thur)Dell Center - Club Championship
Jul 14(Sun)Dell Center - NAP Qualifier
Jul 15(Mon)NW Recreation Center - Club Championship
Jul 16(Tue)Senior Activity Center - Club Championship
Jul 17(Wed)Dell Center - NAP Qualifier
Jul 30(Tue)NW Recreation Center - NAP Qualifier
Jun-Jul(Tue)all Tuesday 11:30 games at the NW Center will be held on the 2nd floor of the administration building of Covenant Presbyterian Church (due west across the parking lot of the NW Center)
Jul 2-7(Tue-Sun)All club games cancelled due to Austin Regional

Future Tournaments
Sep 12-15, 2002Norris Conference Center - Northcross Mall (2525 West Anderson)
Jan 2-5, 2003DoubleTree Hotel - northeast "corner" of I-35 and US 290 East-
District 16 NAP finals Sat-Sun
May 2003Likely held at the Clarion Inn - northwest "corner" of I-35 and Oltorf
Sep 2003  Likely held at the Clarion Inn
Jan 1-4, 2004  DoubleTree Hotel - District 16 NAP finals Sat-Sun
Jun 30 - Jul 5, 2004  Weds - Mon - DoubleTree Hotel
Jun 29 - Jul 4, 2006  Thurs - Tues - DoubleTree Hotel

City Championship
Just what is the City Championship that is being held July 13th? It is a double-session, stratified, open pair event held annually in the summer by Unit 207. The event was started in 1999. The winning pair of each flight (A: 2000+, B: 500-1999, C: 0-499 NLM) has their names inscribed on a plaque and are dubbed the City Champions for that year. A paper copy of that plaque is posted on the Unit 207 bulletin board at the NW Center.

New Games in Town!
Monday 7:00 - NW Recreation Center - Open - Kevin Perkins directing - this game is run concurrently with a 0-200 game and masterpoint awards are based on the total table count of both games.
Tuesday 11:30 - NW Recreation Center - Open - Kevin Perkins directing
Wednesday 6:30 - Dell Center - Open - Kevin Perkins directing
Thursday 12:00 - Dell Center - Open - Kevin Perkins directing
Thursday 7:00 - 8005 Havenwood - Novice (0-20) - Kevin Perkins directing
Saturday 7:30 - 4411 Ramsey - Team Game - Kevin Perkins directing - call to reserve a table at 459-5854 or email Steve Bruce at stevebruce@austin.rr.com

New Life Masters: Charlie Brown, Nancy Brown, J.B. Davis, Carolyn Hall
New Bronze Masters: Larry Barr, Linda Bass, Shirley Henry, Edna Whitworth
New Gold Masters: Eve Bindeman, Jack Leach, Scott Humphrey, Marilou Powell, David Sokolow

District 16 Mini-McKenney Winners: Rookie - Tony Eckman (10th), Junior Master - Lisa Burton (1st), Club Master - Lawton Hutchison (1st), Sectional Master - Larry Barr (1st), Charlie Brown (3rd), Nancy Brown (6th), Silver Life Master - Lynn Baker (1st), David Sokolow (7th), Gold Life Master - James Griffin (9th), Diamond Life Master - George Pisk (8th), Grand Life Master - Tobi Sokolow (3rd).

Texas Star Award: Scott Humphrey is the Unit 207 recipient of the 2001 Texas Star Award. The recipient of this annual award is chosen by the Unit 207 Board of Directors for outstanding service to the bridge community. Scott has served as Unit 207 President for 4 years, Unit Liaison to the District 16 Board of Directors for 6 years, District 16 President and wrote the District 16 Scorecard article about Unit 207 for 10 years. Past winners are: Joan Adair, Millie Sherrod, Ray Robak, Lois Smith, Marguerite Wright, George Watkins and Kevin Perkins.

A fond farewell to Paul Erb and Karen Heath. They moved to Las Vegas, NV in April. Paul is a Gold Life Master known for his great sense of humor. He won the City Championship in 2000 with George Pisk, the Ray Robak Award in 2000 and 2001 and numerous events at Austin sectional tournaments. Karen is a Silver Life Master. Another fond farewell to Jimmy Breihan and Jennifer Jackson who moved to Houston. Both were members of the Unit Board and acted as Sectional Tournament Chairmen. Jennifer was particularly active on the Board, chairing several tournaments and acting as Hospitality Chairman of two Regional Tournaments. She is a certified director.

Lloyd Reiss, a relatively new (but frequent) player, died in March. He was an Air Force veteran who flew 100+ combat missions in Vietnam. Dorothy Cavanaugh, wife of Unit Board Vice-President Gene Cavanaugh, died in a car accident on Easter Sunday.

What is the NAP (North American Pairs)? The NAP is an ACBL-wide event which starts at the club-level during the summer months. Any ACBL member playing in a club-level NAP game who wins masterpoints, finishes in the top half of the field, or has a 50%+ game qualifies to advance to the next level. The unit-level game is usually held in October and is a two-session, stratified game. Any player winning masterpoints, finishing in the top half of the field, or has a 50%+ game advances to the district-level. The district-level game is usually held at a January Sectional (Austin in 2003 and 2004). It is a four-session game, a two-session qualifier and a two-session final. The top two pairs of each flight advance to the national-level (Spring Nationals) and have their travel and hotel expenses paid by the ACBL. Our District (16) usually gets to send at least one (sometimes two) additional pair per flight to the national-level, but such additional pairs must pay all of their expenses. The flights are A: 2000+, B: 500-1999, C: 0-499 (NLM).