Unit 207 Newsletter
August/Sept. 2002

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Chris Hull. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Regular features will be upcoming unit and club events, congratulations to players achieving the rank of Life Master and above, congratulations for other special bridge achievements, farewells to members moving out of the Unit 207 area, and death notices. Please let the editor know about such things so that they may be included in the newsletter. Please do not expect everything told to the editor to appear in the newsletter. The supervising editor makes the final decision on each issue's content.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Aug 10 (Sat) - Ice Cream Social - NW Rec Center - 12:30
Sept 12-15 (Thurs-Sun) - Austin Sectional - Norris Conference Center (Northcross Mall)

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Aug 2 (Fri) - Senior Activity Center - Club Championship
Aug 7 (Weds) - NW Rec Center - Club Championship
Aug 12 (Mon) - NW Rec Center - NAP Qualifier
Aug 13 (Tues) - the Tuesday 11:30 game returns to the NW Rec Center from now on
Aug 13 (Tues) - NW Rec Center - Club Championship
Aug 15 (Thurs) - Dell Center - NAP Qualifier (last one in Austin)
Sept 2 (Mon) - no games at Senior Activity Center or at NW Rec Center
Sept 8 (Sun) - no game at Dell Center
Sept 9 (Mon) - Senior Activity Center - Club Championship
Sept 18 (Weds) - NW Rec Center - Charity Game
Sept 22 (Sun) - game at NW Rec Center instead of Dell Center (1:00)
Sept 26 (Thurs) - NW Rec Center - Club Championship
Sept 29 (Sun) - game at NW Rec Center instead of Dell Center (1:00)

Future Tournaments

City Championship
The winners of the City Championship for 2002 are: Flight A - Jerry Bigler/John Oakley, Flight B - Larry Davis/Robert Donathan, Flight C - Tony Eckman/John Taylor. Restaurant certificates for free meals were awarded to the winners of each flight.

Games Closed
The following games have been discontinued:
Wednesday 6:30 - Dell Center
Thursday 7:00 - Novice (may be revived in January after the fall Easybridge lessons)

New Life Masters: William Charowhas, Shirley Naumann
New Bronze Life Masters: Kathy McCabe, Jane Peterson
New Silver Life Masters: Charles Hampton
Note: names are listed in this newsletter after they have appeared in the ACBL Bulletin.

The following Unit 207 members were among the top 20 masterpoint winners in District 16 for 2001: Tobi Sokolow (4th), Lynn Baker (16th) and George Pisk (18th). Other Unit 207 members winning 300+ points (That's Life Master in one year!) are: Larry Barr, Paul Kelley, Jim Griffin, Rosemary Kelley and David Sokolow.

Ora Dee Waddell: Bronze Life Master
Myra Ravel: wife of Victor Ravel

There are two club-level NAP games remaining: August 12th (Mon), and August 15th (Thurs). The unit-level game will be held October 5th (Sat) at the NW Recreation Center at 12:30/TBA and is a two-session, stratified game. Anyone finishing in the top half of his flight or has a 50%+ game advances to the district-level. The district game will be held during the Austin Sectional in January (2nd - 5th). It is a four-session game, a two-session qualifier on Saturday (4th) and a two-session final on Sunday (5th). The top two pairs of each flight advance to the national-level (Spring Nationals) and have their travel and hotel expenses paid by the ACBL. Our District (16) usually gets to send at least one (sometimes two) additional pair per flight to the national-level, but such additional pairs must pay all of their expenses. The flights are A: 2000+, B: 500-1999, C: 0-499 (NLM).

Austin Regional
The July 4th Austin Regional was a success, netting Unit 207 about $5,000. The event was somewhat "dampened" by the weather. Because of the flooding in the San Antonio, New Braunfels and Kerrville areas, attendance was down from the 2000 Regional by about 165 tables (or $5,600 in profits). Many people worked hard to make the tournament successful. The Tournament Chairmen were Gene Cavanaugh and George Watkins (assisted by Larry Davis). Other chairmen were: George Pisk - Hospitality, Kevin Perkins - Supplies, Vera Chimene - Caddies, Kathy McCabe - Door Prizes, Jenny Stocker - Section/Overall Prizes, Steve Bruce and Trish Kane - Photography, Chris Hull - Partnerships, Jim Hamilton - Daily Bulletin Editor and Louallen Leach - Conduct/Ethics. The delicious volunteer worker lunches were prepared by Mike Stout. Thousands (no exaggeration) of copies (hand records and fliers) were made by Diana Rogers.

New Board Members
Congratulations to two new Unit 207 Board of Directors members! Clint Schuhmacher, CPA, is the new unit treasurer. He replaces Nancy Jo Gordy (who served for several years) who resigned pending a move to Washington (state). Mark McAllister, a recent retiree and newcomer to bridge, was appointed by the Board to replace John Oakley. Mark has been very active volunteering his time to the bridge community, particularly in assisting with the recent Austin Regional.

Bridge Lessons
Beginning bridge lessons are being offered via the Informal Classes program at UT. One does not have to be a student or in any way affiliated with UT to sign up for these classes. Kevin Perkins will be teaching (as he has in the past). Bridge I Classes begin August 27th for 8 sessions (Tuesdays) from 6 to 8 pm and cost $52. A repeat series of Bridge I begins October 23rd (Wednesdays). Bridge II begins October 22nd for 8 sessions (Tuesdays).

Bridge lessons are also available at the Lamar Senior Activity Center. You must be 50+ years old. Classes are taught by Leona Rieger. Five different types of classes are available and consist of 6 weekly sessions beginning the 2nd week of Sept. Each class costs $20. Call the Senior Center at 474-5921. Registration ends September 6th.

We need new players. (The average age of ACBL membership is over 55!) Please take some time and think about people whom you know that might like duplicate bridge. Inform them about the program and encourage them to sign up.

When do you inform the opponents that there has been a failure to alert or that an alert has not been properly explained? There seems to be constant confusion about this. Consider the mnemonic YOND (archaic for yonder). Yes - Offense, No - Defense. If your side has the contract (offense), notify (yes) the opponents (defenders) before the opening lead is made. If your side is on the defense, do not (no) notify the declarer until after the hand has been played. Note that the defense eventually (after the play of the hand) does notify the declarer but not (no) before the play of the hand.

Discussion of Played Hands
Who doesn't love a good post-mortem? The thrust and parry, the riposte, the recriminations, the anguish, the triumph and tragedy.... It's almost as good as a he-said, she- said. However, people at nearby tables sometimes cannot help but hear such discussions and this puts the ethical player in a difficult situation and the unethical player (if there be any such in Unit 207) in an advantageous situation. The results are thereby skewed (skewered?). Please avoid post-mortems or at least keep your voice down (way down). Slams or "wild" (swing) hands in particular always seem to get discussed loudly.