Unit 207 Newsletter
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Chris Hull. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter. Please do not expect everything told to the editor to appear in the newsletter. The supervising editor makes the final decision on each issue's content.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Oct 5(Sat)NW Rec Center - NAP Unit Final - 12:30/TBA - meal between sessions
Oct 19(Sat)NW Rec Center - Unit Tournament - IMP Pairs - 12:30
Oct 31(Thurs)Dell Center - Unit Tournament - Halloween Party - 12:00
Nov 2(Sat)NW Rec Center - Lone Arranger - 12:30
Nov 16-17  (Sat-Sun)  NW Rec Center - NLM Tournament

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Oct 1(Tues)NW Rec Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 7(Mon)NW Rec Center - Club Championship
Oct 8(Tues)Senior Activity Center - Club Championship
Oct 10(Thurs)Dell Center - Club Championship
Oct 13(Sun)Dell Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 16(Weds)NW Rec Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 18(Fri)Senior Activity Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 21(Mon)NW Rec Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 22(Tues)Senior Activity Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 24(Thurs)Dell Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 26(Sat)Swiss Team Club Appreciation Game - Bruce's - notify them
Oct 27(Sun)Dell Center - Club Championship
Oct 28(Mon)Senior Activity Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 31(Thurs)game at NW Rec Center moved to Dell Center (Halloween Party)
Nov 4(Mon)NW Rec Center - Inter-Club Championship Game (tentative)
Nov 6(Weds)NW Rec Center - Club Championship
Nov 8(Fri)Senior Activity Center - Club Championship
Nov 11(Mon)no game at Senior Activity Center (closed)
Nov 12(Tues)NW Rec Center - Club Championship
Nov 21(Thurs)Dell Center - Inter-Club Championship Game
Nov 28      (Thurs)     no game at NW Rec Center or Dell Center (Thanksgiving)
Nov 29(Fri)no game at Senior Activity Center (closed)

Future Tournaments
Nov 16-17, 2002NW Rec Center - NLM Tournament
Dec 7-8, 2002NW Rec Center - 99er Tournament - (TENTATIVE)
Jan 2-5, 2003DoubleTree Hotel - northeast "corner" of I-35 and US 290 East-
District 16 NAP finals Sat-Sun
May 1-4, 2003Clarion Inn - northwest "corner" of I-35 and Oltorf
Sep 18-21, 2003  Clarion Inn

The unit-level game will be held October 5th (Sat) at the NW Recreation Center at 12:30/TBA and is a two-session, stratified game. Anyone finishing in the top half of his flight or has a 50%+ game advances to the district-level. The district game will be held during the Austin Sectional in January (2nd - 5th). It is a four-session game, a two-session qualifier on Saturday (4th) and a two-session final on Sunday (5th). The top two pairs of each flight advance to the national-level (Spring Nationals) and have their travel and hotel expenses paid by the ACBL. Our District (16) usually gets to send at least one (sometimes two) additional pair per flight to the national-level, but such additional pairs must pay all of their expenses. The flights are A: 2000+, B: 500-1999, C: 0-499 (NLM).

New Life Masters: Alan Laverty, Bob Pollock, James Wueste
New Silver Life Masters: Lois Goodman, Steve Wood
Note: names are listed in this newsletter after they have appeared in the ACBL Bulletin.

Bridge Lessons
Beginning bridge lessons are being offered via the Informal Classes program at UT. One does not have to be a student or in any way affiliated with UT to sign up for these classes. Kevin Perkins will be teaching (as he has in the past). Bridge I Classes begin October 23rd for 8 sessions (Wednesdays) from 6 to 8 pm and cost $52. Bridge II begins October 22nd for 8 sessions (Tuesdays).

A fond farewell to Jack and Louallen Leach. They are both gold life masters who have moved to Hot Springs Village, Arkansas. We hope to see them at future Austin Regionals. Jack was the chairman of an Austin Regional several years ago, and Louallen chaired the District 16 Ethics Committee.

Bridge Library
The Mary Williams Memorial Bridge Library is once again available to the bridge community. It is now housed at the Senior Activity Center. There are about 100 volumes on various aspects of the game. Local directors have a list of its books.

Club Appreciation Month
The ACBL has designated October as Club Appreciation Month. As such, each club may hold several special games which have masterpoint awards as if they were unit tournaments. See the schedule above for these special games.

Lone Arranger Rides Again!
Twice a year, the unit holds a special unit tournament at which each player shows up without a partner, and the director divides the field in half based upon masterpoints. Each player in the lower half draws a partner from amongst those in the upper half. A few minutes are given for the newly formed partnership to fill out a convention card, and then the game begins. Usually, upper half players are at least Life Masters. Indeed, one year the lower half cutoff was about 900 masterpoints!

Get Local Bridge News Via E-Mail
If you have an e-mail address and would like to be on the Unit 207 mailing list, please give your e-mail address to board member Mark McAllister. He can be reached at 257-2320 or at markmc9@austin.rr.com.

New Tournament in Town!
The Unit Board has given its approval for the Hill Country Bridge Club (NW Center) to host a 99er tournament. The Unit has run NLM tournaments for several years now, but has not ever run a 99er tournament. The tentative dates are December 7th and 8th (Sat-Sun) at the NW Recreation Center. Two one-session pair events will be held on Saturday and a one-session pair event on Sunday. Larry Davis and Kevin Perkins will host/direct.

IMP Pairs Unit Tournament
The Unit Tournament on October 19th (NW Center at 12:30) will be an IMP Pairs event. This is one in which mischievous creatures from the nether world have been summoned by the directors (who are, as is often reputed, in league with the devil) to cause all finesses to fail and trumps to be split as badly as possible. (There is no extra charge for this "service".) Actually, the scoring of each board is not matchpointed in the usual manner. It is scored in an arcane manner entirely befitting those in league with the devil, but basically team game strategy is the order of the day. Bid your games and slams, don't worry about whether to play NT or a major for matchpoint considerations, play to make your contract as opposed to overtricks and be wary of sacrificing too freely.