Unit 207 Newsletter
December 2002 / January 2003
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Chris Hull. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October, and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter. Please do not expect everything told to the editor to appear in the newsletter. The supervising editor makes the final decision on each issue's content.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Dec 7-8  (Sat-Sun)NW Rec Center - 99er Tournament
Dec 14(Sat)NW Rec Center - Christmas Party - 12:30/TBA - Potluck Meal
Jan 2-5(Thu-Sun)  DoubleTree Hotel - Austin Sectional Tournament and District 16 NAP finals (Sat-Sun)
Feb 1(Sat)NW Rec Center - Annual Unit Meeting and Unit Tournament

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Dec 2(Mon)Senior Center - Club Championship
Dec 5(Thurs)NW Center - Club Championship
Dec 10(Tues)Senior Center - Christmas Party/Charity Game - Potluck at 6:00
Dec 19(Thurs)NW Center - Christmas Party
Dec 22(Sun)Dell Center - Charity Game
Dec 24(Tues)No Games - Senior Center and NW Center
Dec 25(Wed)No Game - NW Center
Dec 26(Thurs)Regular Games Held at NW Center and Dell Center
Dec 29(Sun)Dell Center - Club Championship
Dec 31(Tues)Regular Game at NW Center; No Game at Senior Center
Jan 1(Wed)No Game at NW Center
Jan 2-5(Thurs-Sun)No Club Games - Austin Sectional Tournament
Jan 8(Wed)NW Center - Junior Fund Game
Jan 13(Mon)NW Center - Club Championship
Jan 20(Mon)Regular Game at NW Center; No Game at Senior Center
Jan 21(Tues)Senior Center - Club Championship
Jan 30(Thurs)Dell Center - Club Championship

Future Tournaments
Dec 7-8, 2002NW Rec Center - 99er Tournament
Jan 2-5, 2003DoubleTree Hotel - northeast "corner" of I-35 and US 290 East-
District 16 NAP finals Sat-Sun
May 1-4, 2003Clarion Inn - northwest "corner" of I-35 and Oltorf
Sep 18-21, 2003  Clarion Inn

The district game will be held during the Austin Sectional in January (2nd - 5th). It is a four-session game, a two-session qualifier on Saturday (4th) and a two-session final on Sunday (5th). The top two pairs of each flight advance to the national-level (Spring Nationals) and have their travel and hotel expenses paid by the ACBL. Our District (16) usually gets to send at least one (sometimes two) additional pair per flight to the national-level, but such additional pairs must pay all of their expenses.

Grand National Teams
The GNT's are coming! Get your teams together. Flights B and C will compete at the unit-level on March 1st (Sat) at the NW Center. Half of the field from each flight will advance to the district-level to be held at the Dallas Sectional May 23rd - 26th. Flight A and Championship Flight teams go directly to the district-level (no unit-level qualifying). The flights are: Championship: open, A: 2000 - 5000, B: 500 - 2000 and C: non-life masters less than 500. District-level winners (one team in each flight) advance to the national-level to be held at the Summer Nationals.

New Bronze Life Masters: Charlie Brown, Nancy Brown
Ray Robak Award: Paul Kelley has won the 2002 award. This award is given annually to the Unit 207 member winning the most masterpoints at the Austin Fall Sectional
Note: names are listed in this newsletter after they have appeared in the ACBL Bulletin.

Inter-Club Championships
Several Inter-Club Championship games will be held at local clubs in 2003. These games are sponsored by the ACBL and are like StaC games, only nation-wide. They are scheduled by ACBL at irregular monthly intervals. The club managers anticipate holding about six such games in 2003. The NW Center and the Dell Center will participate. The results of each game are emailed to ACBL within 24 hours of the game, and the ACBL determines overall awards with across-the-field (all clubs participating) scoring. There are, of course, session awards as well. Players may view/download hand analyses after the game. These games will cost extra and will be announced well ahead of time.

Junior Fund Games
Several Junior Fund Games will be held at local clubs in 2003. These games benefit the ACBL in its efforts to promote bridge among young people, e.g., at high schools. These events pay sectionally-rated black points and will cost $1 extra. Quarterly games will be held at the Dell Center (Sun) and at the NW Center (Wed) for a total of eight such games.

Bridge on the Web
A partial list of useful bridge websites: www.acbl.org, the official website of the ACBL (look up your masterpoints!); www.d16acbl.org, the official website of District 16 (tournament information); and home.austin.rr.com/sbruce, the official website of our unit. A big thank-you to Steve Bruce, who is the unit's webmaster (and writer of the Unit 207 article which appears in the District 16 newspaper (Scorecard)). If you have an e-mail address and would like to be on the Unit 207 mailing list, please give your e-mail address to Mark McAllister. He can be reached at 257-2320 or at markmc9@austin.rr.com.

New Tournament in Town!
The Unit Board has given its approval for the Hill Country Bridge Club (NW Center) to host a 99er tournament. The Unit has run NLM tournaments for several years now, but has not ever run a 99er tournament. The dates are December 7th and 8th (Sat-Sun) at the NW Recreation Center. Two one-session pair events will be held on Saturday and a one-session pair event on Sunday. Larry Davis and Kevin Perkins will host/direct.

Christmas Parties!
Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Dec 10(Tues)Senior Center - Charity Game - potluck at 6:00, bridge at 7:00 - must be 50+ years old
Dec 14(Sat)NW Center - Unit Tournament - 12:30/TBA - potluck meal - unit will provide meat and drinks - bring a side dish (salad, vegetable, dessert, etc.
Dec 19(Thurs)NW Center - must have less than 750 masterpoints - bring snacks

Annual Unit Meeting
The annual unit meeting will be held at the NW Center at 12:30 on February 1st (Sat). A slate of candidates for the Unit Board of Directors will be formally presented, and additional nominations may be made from the floor. The slate will likely be: Andras Budinszky, Evelyn Cloninger, Hal DeShong, Bill Ferguson, Bobbie Mayer, Mark McAllister, Clint Schuhmacher, and Phyllis Tate. Changes to the Unit 207 Bylaws will be voted upon. A one-session Unit Tournament will follow the meeting at 1:30. Those attending the meeting play for free. Refreshments will be available.

Mentor Program
The Unit 207 sponsored mentor program begins in January. Mentors and mentees will be introduced to one another one hour before the December 14th Unit Christmas party (11:30 a.m.). Mentors are asked to show up to meet your mentee even if you are not playing in the event. Mentees are encouraged to play in the event.

Deaths and Departures
Charles Mansfield, of Wimberly, was a Bronze Life Master.
Nan Patton, of Lockhart, was a Bronze Life Master.
Mary Jo King has moved to the Dallas area.