Unit 207 Newsletter
June / July 2003
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Jenny Stocker. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter. Please do not expect everything told to the editor to appear in the newsletter. The supervising editor makes the final decision on each issue's content.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Jun 7(Sat)NW Center - Ice Cream Social - Pairs - 12:30
Jun 14(Sat)NW Center - Annual City Championship - Pairs - 12:30/TBA - Meal

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
June 4th(Weds)NW Center - Upgraded Club Championship
June 5th(Thurs)Dell Center - NAP game
June 8th(Sun)Dell Center - Club Championship
June 9th(Mon)Senior Center - Club Championship
June 9th(Mon)NW Center - InterClub Championship
June 11th(Weds)NW Center - NAP game
June 16th(Mon)NW Center - STaC game
June 17th(Tues)NW Center - STaC game
June 18th(Weds)NW Center - STaC game
June 19th(Thurs)Dell Center - STaC game
June 22nd(Sun)Dell Center - STaC game
June 26th(Thurs)NW Center - Club Championship
June 29th(Sun)Dell Center - NAP game
July 4th(Fri)NW Center - no game
July 8th(Tues)Senior Center - Club Championship
July 9th(Weds)NW Center - NAP game
July 10th(Thurs)Dell Center - InterClub Championship
July 14th(Mon)NW Center - Club Championship
July 22nd(Tues)NW Center - NAP game
July 28th(Mon)NW Center - NAP game
July 30th(Weds)NW Center - Junior Fund game
July 31st(Thurs)Dell Center - Club Championship

Future Austin Tournaments
Jul 12-13, 2003(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
Sep 18-21, 2003(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Nov 22-23(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
Jan 1-4, 2004(Thur-Sun)DoubleTree Hotel - District 16 NAP Finals Sat-Sun
May 13-16, 2004(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional

New Life Masters: Billie Graves, Jo Graves, Lawton Hutchison
New Silver Life Master: June Mengden
New Diamond Life Master (5000): Jim Griffin
Note: Names are listed in this newsletter after they have appeared in the ACBL Bulletin.

District 16 STaC Games
During the week of June 16th - 22nd, Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC) games are held at the Dell Center and at NW Center open games. The strats are 1000+, 300 - 1000, and 0 - 300. Silver points are awarded at the club and district levels. The results of these games are emailed to District 16, and district-level winners are determined. It is as if a district-wide sectional tournament was being held each day (afternoon and evening), with appropriate (i.e. extra) masterpoints awarded. The district-level results can be viewed on the web within a few days of each game. These games cost $1 extra.

Bridge on the Web
A partial list of useful bridge websites: www.acbl.org, the official website of the ACBL (look up your masterpoints!); www.d16acbl.org, the official website of District 16 (tournament information); and home.austin.rr.com/sbruce, the official website of our unit.

What is the NAP (North American Pairs)? The NAP is an ACBL-wide event which starts at the club-level during the summer months. Any ACBL member playing in a club-level NAP game who wins masterpoints, finishes in the top half of the field, or has a 50%+ game qualifies to advance to the next level. The unit-level game is usually held in October and is a two-session, stratified game. Any player winning masterpoints, finishing in the top half of the field, or has a 50%+ game advances to the district-level. The district-level game is usually held at a January Sectional (Austin in 2004). It is a four-session game, a two-session qualifier and a two-session final. The top two pairs of each flight advance to the national-level (Spring Nationals) and have their travel and hotel expenses paid by the ACBL. Our District (16) usually gets to send at least one (sometimes two) additional pair per flight to the national-level, but such additional pairs must pay all of their expenses. The flights are A: 2000+, B: 500-1999, C: 0-499 (NLM). Additional NAP games in August: 7th (Thurs) at Dell, 10th (Sun) at Dell, 19th (Tues) at NW and 25th (Mon) at NW.

City Championship
Just what is the City Championship that is being held June 14th? It is a double-session, stratified, open pair event held annually in the summer by Unit 207. The event was started in 1999. The winning pair of each flight (A: 2000+, B: 500-1999, C: 0-499 NLM) has their names inscribed on a plaque and are dubbed the City Champions for that year. A paper copy of that plaque is posted on the Unit 207 bulletin board at the NW Center.

Mentor Program
The Unit 207-sponsored mentor program continues. More experienced players (mentors) have been paired with less experienced players (mentees) and will be playing twice/month at club games during 2003. Please call Kathy McCabe if you are a mentor or mentee and have questions/concerns. Suggestions are welcome from anyone.

Unit 207 has a new certified director! Nancy Brown of Sunrise Beach recently passed her director's exam. Any ACBL member may become an ACBL certified director by taking and passing the director's exam. The Unit 207 secretary will order the exam from the ACBL, and it is taken under the supervision of another certified director. The exam usually takes two to three hours and is open book. Talk to a local director if you are interested and/or have questions. Besides the "normal" directors (Larry Davis, Rosemary Kelley, Kevin Perkins and Don Shimmon), other Unit 207 directors are Bob Chambers, Betty Craig, Scott Humphrey, Tricia Kane, John Oakley, George Pisk, and Gary Powell.

May Sectional
The May Sectional enjoyed great attendance, and the Unit made a profit of about $3500. Because of this profit, the unit board is tentatively investigating a partially unit-subsidized double-session Christmas party with a catered meal. (Perhaps even Santa Claus will be invited.) The tournament chairmen were Kathy McCabe and Jenny Stocker. (NOTE: any Unit 207 member may chair a tournament. One does not have to be a board member, e.g., Kathy McCabe. If interested, speak to a board member. )
Martha Ann Zivley of Austin, Bronze Life Master, age 96
Helen Damon of Austin, Bronze Life Master
Gloria Parry of Austin