Unit 207 Newsletter
December 2003 / January 2004
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Jenny Stocker. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Dec 14th     (Sun)Senior Activity Center - Stratified Pairs (two single sessions) - 1:30 and 6:00 - meal between sessions - no age restrictions

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Dec 1st    (Mon)    Senior Center - Club Championship
Dec 9th(Tues)Senior Center - Christmas Party/Charity game - meal at 6/bridge at 7
Dec 13th(Sat)Saturday night team game will be held (originally scheduled as not held)
Dec 18th(Thurs)NW Center - Christmas Party/Club Championship
Dec 24th(Weds)NW Center - no game
Dec 25th(Thurs)NW Center/Beth Israel - no games
Dec 28th(Sun)NW Center - Club Championship
NOTE: All club games will be held Dec 21st - Dec 31st except for Dec 24th and 25th.

Jan 1st(Thurs)Jan 4th (Sun) - no club games (due to the Austin Sectional)
Jan 7th(Weds)NW Center - Junior Fund Game
Jan 15th(Thurs)Beth Israel - Club Championship
Jan 20th(Tues)Senior Center - Club Championship
Jan 24th(Sat)NW Center - Club Championship
Jan 26th(Mon)NW Center - Club Championship

Future Austin Tournaments
Nov 22-23, 2003(Sat-Sun)    NW Center - NLM Sectional
Jan 1-4, 2004(Thur-Sun)DoubleTree Hotel - Sectional, District 16 NAP Finals (Sat-Sun)
Mar 13-14, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
May 13-16, 2004(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Jun 30 - Jul 5, 2004    (Wed-Mon)DoubleTree Hotel - Austin Regional
Jul 24-25, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional

Tentative 2004 Unit Events
Feb 14(Sat)Pairs (Annual Unit Meeting)
Mar 6(Sat)Team (GNT Finals)
Apr 10(Sat)Pairs (Lone Arranger/Awards)
Apr 24(Sat)afternoon Pairs/ evening Swiss Teams
May 29(Sat)Pairs (Ice Cream Social)
Jun 12(Sat)Pairs (City Championship, 2 session)
Jul 31(Sat)IMP Pairs
Aug 21(Sat)Pairs (Ice Cream Social)
Oct 23(Sat)Pairs (NAP finals, 2 sessions)
Oct 28(Thur)Pairs (Halloween Party)
Dec 4(Sat)Individual
Dec 12(Thur)Pairs (Christmas Party, 2 sessions)
All games are Saturdays at the NW Center at 12:30 except for Oct 28th (Thurs) and Dec 12th (Sun). Most games are one-session, stratified pairs unless otherwise noted.


Ray Robak Award:
The winner of the 2003 Ray Robak Award is Paul Kelley. The award honors a legendary Austin bridge director and is given to the Unit 207 member who wins the most masterpoints at the Austin Fall Sectional.

World Champion:
Tobi Sokolow was on the USA women's team which recently won the Venice Cup in Monte Carlo, defeating China in the finals.

New Bronze Life Master (500):
Jim Wueste

New Life Masters (300):
David Farris, Barbara Hutchison, Leona Rieger

New NABC Master (200):
Laura Delfeld

New Regional Masters (100):
Joyce Cooper, Diane Decker

New Sectional Masters (50):
Brenda Brockner, James Glathar, Terry Richardson

New Game in Town
A New Year, a new game! Starting January 10th, there will be a weekly Saturday game at the NW Center at 12:30. Kevin Perkins will usually direct the game. The Saturday night team game continues at 7:30. The location is "rotated" among the homes of various bridge players. The game is often not held if there are Saturday unit events or "nearby" sectional/regional/national tournaments. Call Steve Bruce (459-5854) to reserve a spot for your team or sign up on the web site (via a link to emailing Steve Bruce).

Also, the Sunday 1:30 game (NW Center) and the Thursday noon game (Beth Israel) will become part of the Hill Country Bridge Club (Club Manager: Larry Davis). Kevin Perkins will still be the usual director (insofar as Kevin is usual) of these games

Bridge on the Web
A partial list of useful bridge websites: www.acbl.org, the official website of the ACBL (look up your masterpoints!); www.d16acbl.org, the official website of District 16 (tournament information); and home.austin.rr.com/sbruce, the official website of our unit.

Director/Teacher Courses at the Houston Regional
Gain the inestimable prestige and glamour of becoming a director and/or ACBL Accredited Teacher! A Director Course, a Director Update Course (if already a director) and an ACBL Accredited Teacher Course are being offered February 22/23 (just before the Houston Regional and at the same hotel). The Unit may provide a tuition subsidy for any Unit 207 member interested in these courses. See the Unit President, Mary Anne Laier. Also, see the ads on page 2 of the Nov/Dec Scorecard (District 16 newspaper).

Played Card
A card is played if it touches or nearly touches the table or is designated from the dummy by the declarer. The laws do not specify precisely what "nearly touches" means. Simply detaching a card from ones hand does not, in and of itself, constitute a played card. However, if a defender detaches his card in such a way that his partner COULD have seen the card, the card is played (if it was that defender's turn to play, otherwise it is an exposed card). It does not matter if an opponent sees the card. The director will not try to determine if the defender's partner did see the card, only if the card could have been seen. The declarer does not have a penalty card, but he can have a played card. If the declarer plays (as above) a legal card (does not revoke), the declarer may not change that card even if he made a mistake, was inattentive or simply decides that another card would have been better (even if the next hand has not played). If the declarer played a card that was illegal (revoked), he may, if the revoke has not been established, correct the illegal play by playing a legal card and returning the illegally played card back to his hand. The illegally played card is not a penalty card. A defender, however, does have a penalty card if he corrects a revoke prior to the establishment thereof. (A revoke is established when the revoking side plays to the next trick.)

If the declarer calls for a specific card that is not in the dummy, there is no played card. If the declarer specifies a suit but not a rank ("play a heart" or "heart") and there is a card of that suit in the dummy, the lowest ranking card of that suit is played. (The dummy is prohibited from asking "which one".) If there are no cards in the dummy of the suit specified, there is no played card. If the dummy is on lead and the declarer calls for a rank but not a suit, the suit is presumed to be the suit in which the dummy won the previous trick and that card, if there be such, is played. (The dummy is prohibited from asking "which one" if there happen to be other cards in the dummy of the rank named.) If there is no card of the rank named in the suit previously played, and there is one card of that rank elsewhere in the dummy, that card is played. If there is no card of the rank named in the suit previously played, and there is more than one card of the rank named elsewhere in the dummy, the dummy must ask "which one" and the declarer must play one of those cards of the rank named. If there are no cards in the dummy of the rank named, there is no played card.

Special Games and Masterpoints
There are a number of special games held throughout the year at the club and unit level. These games (almost always) pay extra masterpoints and (almost always) have overall places (in addition to E/W and N/S places). If you win points your direction and overall, you do not get the sum of the two masterpoint winnings. You get whichever is the greater. (Sometimes the directional winnings are greater than the overall winnings, especially if the overall place was a low one.) It is possible to win an overall place and not win a directional place. In a Howell Movement, there are only overall places. The following is a listing of special games that occur the most often (in the Austin area):