Unit 207 Newsletter
February 2004 / March 2004
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Jenny Stocker. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Feb 14th     (Sat)NW Center - 12:30 annual unit meeting - 1:30 stratified open pairs - free play if attended meeting
Mar 6th     (Sat)12:30/TBA - Grand National Teams, Flights B & C - meal between sessions - unit-level qualifier

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Feb 4th thru 8th(Wed-Sun)    No games at NW Center (closed)
Feb 10th(Tues)NW Center - InterClub Championship - $6
Feb 11th(Wed)NW Center - Club Championship
Feb 16th(Mon)NW Center - there will be a game (Presidents Day)
Feb 16th(Mon)Senior Center - no game
Feb 17th(Tues)NW Center - Club Championship
Feb 20th(Fri)Senior Center - Club Championship
Feb 21st(Sat)NW Center - Junior Fund Game - $6
Feb 23rd(Mon)Senior Center - ACBL Senior Game (must be 55+)
Feb 26th(Thurs)Beth Israel game at NW Center
Feb 28th thru 29th    (Sat-Sun)NW Center - no games (Houston Regional)
Mar 3rd(Wed)NW Center - Charity Game - $6
Mar 6th(Sat)NW Center - GNTeams - no pairs game
Mar 7th(Sun)NW Center - Club Championship
Mar 11th(Thurs)NW Center - Club Championship
Mar 11th(Thurs)Beth Israel - InterClub Championship
Mar 15th(Mon)Senior Center - Club Championship
Mar 27th(Sat)NW Center - no game

Future Austin Tournaments
Mar 13-14, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
May 13-16, 2004(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Jun 30 - Jul 5, 2004    (Wed-Mon)    DoubleTree Hotel - Austin Regional
Jul 24-25, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
Sep 23-26, 2004(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Nov 13-14, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional


NAP (District Level):
Flight A: Alex Kolesnik - 1st, Jack Lacy -5th, Scott Humphrey/Pat Griffin - 9th;
Flight B: Larry Davis/Robert Donathan - 6th, Karen Snyder - 7th;
Flight C: Larry Smith/David Warner-1st, Laura Delfeld/Mark McAllister-3rd, Jeff Ford/N Jong-4th

New Gold Life Masters (2500)
Lynn Baker

New Silver Life Masters (1000)
Louis Sachar

New Bronze Life Masters (500):
Joanna Cadden, Gene Cavanaugh

New NABC Masters (200):
Doreen Harris, Virginia Horsman, Erin Watson

New Regional Masters (100):
Jeff Ford, Larry Smith, David Warner

New Sectional Masters (50):
Tamas Hausel

Others (750):
Andras Budinszky, Jim Hamilton, Lee Ann Merrifield

Bridge on the Web
A partial list of useful bridge websites: www.acbl.org, the official website of the ACBL (look up your masterpoints!); www.d16acbl.org, the official website of District 16 (tournament information); and home.austin.rr.com/sbruce, the official website of our unit.

Annual Unit 207 Meeting
The annual meeting will be held February 14th (Sat) at the NW Center at 12:30. A stratified open pairs game will follow at 1:30 (free, if attended meeting). The nominees for three positions on the nine-member unit board are: Andras Budinszky, Laura Delfeld, Hal DeShong, Marilyn Jackson, Mary Anne Laier and Jim Williams. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. Ballots will be mailed to all Unit 207 members a few days later. They may be returned by mail or at a local club game. The six members whose terms are continuing are: Mark McAllister, Diana Rogers, Clint Schuhmacher, Jenny Stocker, Phyliss Tate and Jim Wueste.

New Saturday Pairs Game
The Saturday stratified pairs game at the NW Center at 12:30 has started off well. Thank you for your support! The first two games had 9 and 10 tables. Be sure to check this newsletter and bulletin boards to see if this game is being held on any given weekend. It will be held about 2/3 of the time, closing due to conflicts with Unit 207 events and nearby sectional and regional tournaments. The Sunday game (1:30) is seldom cancelled, even if there are nearby tournaments. Do not assume that the Sunday game is cancelled simply because the Saturday game happens to be cancelled.

Howell Movement
Did you know that a 4 table Howell movement has the same number of places and pays the same number of masterpoints as does an 8 table Mitchell movement? (Similarly, a 5, 6 or 7 table Howell is equivalent to a 10, 12 or 14 table Mitchell.) In a 4 table Howell movement (of eight pairs), you have seven opponents competing for three places. First place pays .80, second pays .56 and third pays .40. In an 8 table Mitchell movement there are sixteen pairs, but you are compared against only seven of them, the seven other pairs sitting the same direction as you. So you have seven opponents, just like in the 4 table Howell. First place pays .80, second pays .56 and third pays .40, just like the 4 table Howell. While it is true that in an 8 table Mitchell there are 6 total places (three each direction), you are competing for only three of those places, the three places in your direction. As far as you are concerned, there are only three places, just like the 4 table Howell. The upshot of all of this is that games with a small number of tables (such as is usually the case on Tuesday nights) actually pay as well (or better!) than larger games because a Howell movement is used instead of a Mitchell. For example, a 5 table Howell pays better than a 9 table Mitchell and a 6 table Howell pays better than an 11 table Mitchell. In fact there are more places (that you are competing for) in a 6 table Howell (5) than in an 11 table Mitchell (4).

By the way, there are stationary positions in a Howell movement, i.e., you don't have to move if you have one of these stationary positions. Ask your friendly director for such a position if you need one.

Dummy Don'ts
The dummy may not comment on the number of tricks won or lost or the number of tricks still needed to fulfill the contract. That is the declarer's job. Do not inform the declarer if he has a trick turned wrong. Do not say things like: "Only one more trick needed, partner" or "You've taken eight tricks so far" or "You won the third trick." The dummy may not play, touch or otherwise indicate which card in the dummy is to be played. Wait until the declarer calls for a card, even if it seems clear to you what declarer is going to do (such as play the lowest card to a trick the opponents are going to win or ruff a suit in which the dummy is void or discard what seems to you like a useless card).

The King and Queen of Hearts
Congratulations to Gene Cavanaugh and Shirley Holland on their upcoming wedding! The editor cannot resist giving the following advice to the groom on this joyous occasion: Only in cards does the king outrank the queen.