Unit 207 Newsletter
June 2004 / July 2004
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Jenny Stocker. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Jun 12(Sat)NW Center - 12:30 stratified open pairs - Ice Cream Social
Jul 10(Sat)Kelley's house (8210 Loralinda) - 7:30 - Team Game
Jul 31(Sat)NW Center - 12:30 stratified open pairs - City Championship

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Jun 2(Wed)NW Center - Charity Game
Jun 5(Sat)NW Center - No Game
Jun 7(Mon)Senior Center - Club Championship
Jun 10(Thu)NW Center - Club Championship
Jun 16(Wed)NW Center - NAP Game
Jun 19(Sat)NW Center - No Game
Jun 21(Mon)NW Center - NAP Game
Jun 24(Thu)Beth Israel - NAP Game
Jun 25(Fri)Senior Center - Charity Game
Jun 26(Sat)NW Center - NAP Game
Jun 27(Sun)NW Center - Club Championship
Jun 29(Tue)NW Center - there will be a game
June 29 (Tue eve) - July 5 (Mon) - No Games (Austin Regional)
Jul 7(Wed)NW Center - Junior Fund Game
Jul 10(Sat)NW Center - NAP Game
Jul 17(Sat)NW Center - Club Championship
Jul 20(Tue)NW Center - NAP Game
Jul 20(Tue)Senior Center - Club Championship
Jul 22(Thu)Beth Israel - Club Championship
Jul 25(Sun)NW Center - NAP Game
Jul 26(Mon)NW Center - Club Championship
Jul 27(Tue)NW Center - Inter-Club Championship
Jul 28(Wed)NW Center - NAP Game

Future Austin Tournaments
Jun 29 - Jul 5, 2004    (Tue-Mon)    DoubleTree Hotel - Austin Regional
Jul 24-25, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
Sep 23-26, 2004(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Nov 13-14, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
Jan 6-9, 2005(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Mar 5-6, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
May 12-15 2005(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Jul 16-17, 2005(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional

Austin has a newly certified bridge director: Mary Anne Laier. She has begun directing the Thursday 0-750 game at NW Center. Please don't give her too hard of a time --- yet.

New Bronze Life Master (500):
Evelyn Cloninger

New Life Masters (300):
Sandra Ebert, Dick Erdenberger, Raymond Heitmann, Delois Nell

Rosemary Kelley (4000); Charlie Brown (750)

NAP Games
August dates are: 12th (Thurs), 16th (Mon), 24th (Weds) and 29th (Sun). The unit final (for those qualifying at the club-level) will be October 23rd (Sat) at 12:30 at the NW Center. It will be two sessions with a meal in-between. For those qualifying at the unit-level, the District 16 NAP final will be held at the San Antonio sectional, Jan 14 - 17 (Fri - Mon).

Austin Regional
The every-other-year Austin Regional is traditionally held over the Fourth of July. The dates this year are June 29th (Tuesday night) through July 5th (Monday). These events are sponsored and managed by Unit 207, specifically the Unit Board and its appointed tournament chairmen. A number of committees are formed to deal with the various aspects of running a regional tournament. You may be asked to help by donating some of your time during the regional. (A typical job is manning a booth for an hour.) A successful tournament cannot be run without a lot of help from a lot of people. Please say yes if asked to help. Better yet, volunteer before being asked. Daily worker lunches will be offered free in the hospitality suite to those volunteers working on a given day.

The schedule for the "chalk talks" (educational lectures given by experts) has changed from what was advertised in the flyer. Talks will be held at 12:15 and 6:15 Wednesday through Sunday. A schedule of lecturers/topics will be published in the daily regional newsletter (edited this year by Kevin Perkins).

Unit Recorder
The position of Unit Recorder is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of, the Unit Board. The Unit Recorder (currently Marilou Powell) is used whenever you believe that something untoward or suspicious occurs at a bridge game, but that something either does not rise to the level of, or you do not wish to make, a formal conduct/ethics complaint. A written "complaint" is submitted to the Unit Recorder, stating the particulars. The Unit Recorder keeps such reports on file. If, in the Unit Recorder's judgment, the number of, or the severity of, such reports warrants further action, then the Unit Recorder will refer the matter to the Unit Conduct and Ethics Chairman (currently George Pisk) or may simply talk privately to the person about whom the reports are made (without revealing the name(s) of the persons making the reports). The Unit Board encourages players to let the Unit Recorder hear from you when something is not as it should be (bridge-wise).

Tuesday and Thursday Changes
The Thursday 0-750 game at the NW Center will change to a 0-600 game beginning September 1st. The game may eventually change to a 0-500 game. There is a noon game at Beth Israel on Thursdays which has no masterpoint restrictions. There is a Tuesday evening (7 p.m.) handicapped team game at the Senior Center which is held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. There is no age restriction for the team game. A handicapped game is one in which the (presumably) lesser team (based on average masterpoint holding) has points added to its final IMP score before comparing with the opposing team. There is a pair game held simultaneously at the Senior Center which does have an age restriction (50+). If only one team shows up, team members who are 50+ may stay and play in the pair game.

Bridge Scores on the Web
Results of local club games and unit games eventually (sometimes the same day) appear on the unit's web site (home.austin.rr.com/sbruce). These results are not necessarily final. Scoring changes may (and sometimes do) occur after the web posting. For games using travelers, the slips are available for inspection for one week (or more). It is always best, however, to check your results against the printout immediately after the game. If the traveler does not match the printout, the correction can occur without the opponents' concurrence. If you are east-west, it is best to check the score at the table as it is recorded by north (on travelers or pickups).

Slip of the Fingers
With the advent of bidding boxes, a new phenomenon, dubbed a "slip of the fingers," has arisen. The tabs of the individual bids are small and close together, and it sometimes happens that what you intended to retrieve from the bidding box is not what appears on the table (to your horror). If you notice this before your partner has bid, simply call the director and your bid can be changed to what you intended. Do not call the director if you had a "slip of the mind," i.e., you made the wrong bid, e.g. you momentarily forget, but later realized (even if immediately), that you are or are not playing a certain convention with your current partner.

Deaths and Departures
Mary Morse of Austin, Bronze Life Master
Jim Williams of Austin, Life Master