Unit 207 Newsletter
August 2004 / September 2004
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Jenny Stocker. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October, and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Jul 31      (Sat)      NW Center - 12:30/TBA - City Championship - Stratified Pairs
Aug 21(Sat)NW Center - 12:30 Stratified Open Pairs - Ice Cream Social

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Aug 5(Thur)Beth Israel - Inter-Club Championship
Aug 7(Sat)NW Center - no game
Aug 10(Tue)NW Center - Club Championship
Aug 12(Thur)Beth Israel - NAP game
Aug 16(Mon)NW Center - NAP game
Aug 18(Wed)NW Center - Club Championship
Aug 22(Sun)NW Center - Junior Fund Game
Aug 24(Tue)NW Center - NAP Game
Aug 27(Fri)Senior Center - Club Championship
Aug 29(Sun)NW Center - NAP Game
Sep 2(Thur)NW Center - game is now 0-600 (not 0-750)
Sep 4-6(Sat - Mon)NW Center - no games
Sep 6(Mon)Senior Center - no game
Sep 11-12      (Sat - Sun)      NW Center - no games
Sep 14(Tue)NW Center - Inter-Club Championship
Sep 15(Wed)NW Center - Charity Game
Sep 19(Sun)NW Center - Club Championship
Sep 20(Mon)Senior Center - Club Championship
Sep 23-26(Thur-Sun)NW Center and Senior Center - no games
Sep 30(Thur)NW Center - Club Championship

Future Austin Tournaments
Sep 23-26, 2004(Thur-Sun)      Clarion Inn - Sectional
Nov 13-14, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
Jan 6-9, 2005(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Mar 5-6, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
May 12-15 2005(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Jul 16-17, 2005      (Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional

New Silver Life Master (1000):
Will Charowhas, Claudette Hartman, Kalpana Sutaria

New Bronze Life Master (500):
Shirley Naumann

New Life Masters (300):
Bill Ferguson, Tom Hall, Donna Livingston

(3000) Scott Humphrey; (1500) Larry Davis, Marilyn Jackson; (200) Anita Cokins, Ronald Lantz, Mark McAllister, Larry Smith

NAP Games
August dates are: 12th (Thur), 16th (Mon), 24th (Weds) and 29th (Sun). The unit final (for those qualifying at the club-level) will be October 23rd (Sat) at 12:30 at the NW Center. It will be two sessions with a meal in-between. For those qualifying at the unit-level, the District 16 NAP final will be held at the San Antonio sectional, Jan 14 - 17 (Fri - Mon).

Austin Regional
The Austin Regional was a great success. The unit board wishes to thank the many people who helped. The Tournament Chairmen were Mary Anne Laier and Larry Davis. Much initial planning and organizing was done by Rosemary Kelley. Other Committee Chairmen were: Linda Anthony - Novices, Steve Bruce - Photography, Larry Davis - Contracting, Laura Delfeld - Caddies and Door Prizes, Sonje Hinich - registration gifts, Sharon Hoger - Section Top Prizes, Scott Humphrey - Caddies, Tricia Kane - Hospitality, Kathy McCabe - Partnerships, Kevin Perkins - Supplies, Marilou Powell - Hospitality, Diana Rogers - Novice Partnerships, Jenny Stocker - Section Top Prizes, Mike Stout - Worker Lunches/Novice Party. George Pisk helped with the daily snacks.

Unit 207 members donating door prizes were: Mozelle Carr, Sonje Hinich, Mark McAllister, Linda Neuenschwander, Donna Redford, Diana Rogers, Louis Sachar and Jenny Stocker. Unit 207 members donating to the silent auction were: Mildred Breed, Malou Flato, Jim Griffin, Paul and Rosemary Kelley, Alex Kolesnik, Jack Lacy, George Pisk, Gary Powell and Ken Schutze,

Unit 207 made approximately $5,000. Also, at the District 16 meeting, our unit was awarded the hosting of the District NAP final to be held in January of 2007.

Tuesday and Thursday Changes
The Thursday 0-750 game at the NW Center will change to a 0-600 game beginning September 1st. The game may eventually change to a 0-500 game in January. There is a noon game at Beth Israel on Thursdays which has no masterpoint restrictions. There is a Tuesday evening (7 p.m.) handicapped team game at the Senior Center which is held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. There is no age restriction for the team game. A handicapped game is one in which the (presumably) lesser team (based on average masterpoint holding) has points added to its final IMP score before comparing with the opposing team. There is a pair game held simultaneously at the Senior Center which does have an age restriction (50+). If only one team shows up, team members who are 50+ may stay and play in the pair game.

Stratification at Clubs
Club games are often dynamically stratified, i.e., the strats are determined soon after the game has started based on the masterpoint holding of those playing at that time. If the field is "strong," B strat might be something like 1250, 1500, or even 2000 or 2500. C strat in a "strong" field might be 750 or 1000 (possibly even higher). If the field is "weak," B strat might be 750 or even 500. C strat might be 300 or even 200. The directors also try to maximize the number of possible places. For instance, if there are 12 pairs the director will make some effort to get a strat breakdown of 5/3/4 (A/B/C), giving the possibility that ten of the twelve pairs might win masterpoints. At tournaments, the strats are set so that they can be advertised and people can consider the strats in deciding whether to travel to a tournament or in deciding what events to enter and with which partner. Strats tend to be higher at the NW Center than at the Senior Center.

Playing the Correct Boards
This is a really good thing to do, and I highly recommend it. Big problems are caused when pairs play the wrong boards. North/South is primarily (though not exclusively) responsible for this. The boards will almost always be played in numerically ascending order by North/South in a Mitchell movement. If you just played boards 7/8/9, then your next set should be 10/11/12. Procedural penalties (points subtracted from your final score) can be assessed by the director for failure to play the correct boards. In a Howell movement, each pair should, upon arriving at the next table, check the guide card (by the current round) to make sure that: (1) they are at the correct table; (2) they are sitting the correct direction; and (3) they are playing the correct set of boards. If, in a Howell movement, you realize that you are at the correct table but sitting in the wrong direction, call the director immediately (whether you have played one board or all of the boards). This can be corrected without too much trouble, although the director may chastise you (gently, of course).

Comments during the Auction and Play
Players should refrain from making any comments concerning the bidding during the auction (and during the play (usually when the dummy hits the table)). Declarers should not make comments about the dummy (the cards, not the partner) no matter how astonished they are at its contents. Defenders may be entitled to redress if their defense is adversely influenced by comments which declarer makes concerning his prospects for success in fulfilling the contract. Refrain from making comments during the play, such as registering surprise that someone has a certain card or is out of a certain suit. Also, if the director is summoned to the table, do not volunteer information about your hand or your reasons for taking or not taking certain actions unless specifically asked by the director. Such comments may well constitute unauthorized information and may subject your side to penalty (even though you were merely trying to help or justify yourself). Pretend that you are on the witness stand at a trial and only answer the questions asked without adding extraneous commentary.