Unit 207 Newsletter
October 2004 / November 2004
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Jenny Stocker. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October, and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
Oct 23      (Sat)      NW Center - 12:30/TBA - Unit NAP Finals - Stratified Pairs
Oct 30(Sat)NW Center - 12:30 Stratified Open Pairs - IMP Pairs
Oct 31(Sun)NW Center - 1:30 Stratified Open Pairs - Halloween Party - Stratified Pairs
Dec 12(Sun)Senior Center - Unit Christmas Party - Two-Session - Meal - No Age Restriction

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
Oct 1(Fri)Senior Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 2(Sat)NW Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 4(Mon)NW Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 5(Tues)Senior Center - Club Championship
Oct 6(Weds)NW Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 7(Thurs)1st Presby - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 9(Sat)NW Center - Club Championship
Oct 13(Weds)NW Center - Junior Fund Game
Oct 14(Thurs)NW Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 18(Mon)NW Center - Club Championship
Oct 19(Tues)Senior Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 21(Thurs)1st Presby - Club Championship
Oct 24(Sun)NW Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 25(Mon)Senior Center - Club Appreciation Game
Oct 26(Tues)NW Center - Club Appreciation Game
Nov 6(Sat)NW Center - No Game
Nov 9(Tues)NW Center - Club Championship
Nov 11(Thurs)0-600 game at 1st Presby (NW Center closed)
Nov 16(Tues)NW Center - Junior Fund Game
Nov 17(Weds)NW Center - Club Championship
Nov 18(Thurs)NW Center - Open Game
Nov 19(Fri)Senior Center - Club Championship
Nov 25-27  (Thurs - Sat)  No Games
Nov 28(Sun)NW Center - there is a game

Future Austin Tournaments
Nov 13-14, 2004    (Sat-Sun)    NW Center - NLM Sectional
Jan 6-9, 2005(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Mar 5-6, 2004(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional
May 12-15 2005(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional
Jul 16-17, 2005(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional


New Bronze Life Master (500):
Lawton Hutchison

(3000) Louise Kennedy; (1500) Karen Snyder

Kevin Perkins has been promoted to Associate Tournament Director by the ACBL. This means that he will be working at more sectional/regional/national tournaments. Your editor asked him just who it was with whom he would be associating, but he declined to comment. You will be seeing other local directors a little more often on weekends.

September Sectional
The unit board wishes to thank the many people who helped. The Tournament Chairmen were Mary Anne Laier and Mark McAllister. Other Committee Chairmen were: Steve Bruce and Clint Schuhmacher - Photography, Larry Davis - Contracting, Laura Delfeld - Caddies and Partnerships, Kevin Perkins - Supplies. Also, a thank you to the many people who manned the partnership table and/or brought snacks to the tournament.

Club Appreciation Games
These games are held every October throughout the ACBL. Each weekly game will hold one such game in October. There is no extra charge (tipping is OK), and they award sectionally rated masterpoints (black). See above for schedule.

IMP Pairs Unit Championship
The Unit Championship on October 30th (NW Center at 12:30) will be an IMP Pairs event. This is one in which mischievous creatures from the nether world have been summoned by the directors (who are, as is often reputed, in league with the devil) to cause all finesses to fail and trumps to be split as badly as possible. (There is no extra charge for this "service".) Actually, the scoring of each board is not matchpointed in the usual manner. It is scored in an arcane manner entirely befitting those in league with the devil, but basically team game strategy is the order of the day. Bid your games and slams, don't worry about whether to play NT or a major for matchpoint considerations, play to make your contract as opposed to overtricks and be wary of sacrificing too freely.

A Good Deal for New Members
The Unit Board will be partially subsidizing the dues for new (first-time) members of the ACBL during the month of October. Let your bridge-playing friends who are not members know about this opportunity. Better yet - give them a gift of membership in the ACBL for only $12.

Special Games and Masterpoint Awards
The ACBL has "simplified" (made equal) the masterpoint awards for various special games, effective 1 January 2005. The following types of games will pay 100% sectional-rated black points: club membership, club appreciation pairs, upgraded club championship, club charity, unit charity, district-wide charity, ACBL-wide charity, junior fund, club international fund, GNT fund-raiser, and NABC promotional. Other games with different award schedules are: club championship (65% sectional), ACBL-wide senior pairs (80% sectional), unit championship (85% sectional), NAP (50/50 red/black, 100% sectional). Other games with more complicated awards schedules are: inter-club championship, ACBL instant matchpoint, world-wide bridge contest, ACBL-wide international fund and club appreciation team.

Failure to Alert
If there has been a failure to alert, the (obligatory) procedure for notifying the opponents of that failure depends upon whether or not your side has the contract. If you do have the contract, the opponents are to be notified before their opening lead. (If such notification occurs after their opening lead, the lead may be withdrawn and changed without penalty and there is no unauthorized information for the defenders. There is however, unauthorized information to the declarer.) The director will reopen the auction, giving the defender who made the final pass the option to change his call. If he does change his call, the auction continues from that point and the offending pair now has unauthorized information. If you do not have the contract, say nothing until the play of the hand is over. Then notify the opponents. Note that this is a case where you (eventually) alert your own bid (because your partner forgot to alert it), but not during the auction. As with all irregularities, the non-offending side is not automatically entitled to some sort of scoring adjustment. They are entitled to call the director, who will make the determination as to whether or not the non-offending side has actually been damaged by the failure to alert. The non-offending side my try to demonstrate (civilly, of course) to the director why it is that they have been damaged. A mere claim of having been damaged is insufficient. If the director decides that there has, in fact, been damage, he will make some sort of adjustment. These determinations by the director are judgment calls. It is not always clear whether damage has occurred. It is often far from clear what would have subsequently happened during the auction had the alert been made in a timely manner. Some "benefit-of-the-doubt" will be given to the non-offending side.

Deaths and Departures
Harold Ellickson of Austin

Moving to Houston: Mildred Breed *(on hold)
Moving to Oklahoma: Bill Ferguson