Unit 207 Newsletter
April 2005 / May 2005
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Mary Anne Laier. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
9 April(Sat)NW Center - Open Pairs (Lone Arranger) - 12:30
23 April(Sat)NW Center - Stratified Open Pairs/ Swiss Teams - 12:30/TBA - (two separate events: afternoon pairs/evening teams)

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
2 April(Sat)No Game
7 April(Thurs)NW Center and Cove. Presby. - Club Championship
11 April(Mon)NW Center - Club Championship
12 April(Tues)Senior Center - Club Championship
16 April(Sat)NW Center - No Game
20 April(Weds)NW Center - Charity Game
26 April(Tues)NW Center - Membership Game
30 April(Sat)NW Center - Club Championship
3 May(Tues)NW Center - Inter-Club Championship
5 May(Thurs)NW Center and Cove. Presby. - Junior Fund Game
6 May(Fri)Senior Center - Club Championship
7 May(Sat)NW Center - Membership Game
12 - 15 May(Thurs - Sun)No Games - (Austin Sectional)
17 May(Tues)NW Center - Club Championship
22 May(Sun)NW Center - Junior Fund Game
25 May(Weds)Club Championship
28 May(Sat)NW Center - No Game
30 May(Mon)Senior Center - No Game
30 May(Mon)NW Center - No Game

Future Austin Tournaments
May 12-15, 2005(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional (Chairmen: Hal Deshong and Clint Schuhmacher)
Jul 16-17, 2005(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional (Chairman: Kevin Perkins)
Sept 29 - Oct 2, 2005(Thur-Sun)Clarion Inn - Sectional (this is a date change) (Chairs: Tate and Wueste)
Nov 12-13, 2005(Sat-Sun)NW Center - NLM Sectional (Chairman: Kevin Perkins)
Jan 5-8, 2006(Thur-Sun)DoubleTree Hotel (Chairmen: Laura Delfeld and Mark McAllister)


New Life Masters (300):
Anita Cokins, Hal DeShong, Dianne Ebert, Jeff Ford
Others: (12,000) Mildred Breed; (4,000) Alex Kolesnik; (750) Robert Donathan; (200) Ione Kelso, Brenda Tranchon; (100) Charles Cree, Beverly Greer, Jo McDaniel; (50) Charles Aufill, Marian Pedley

North American Pairs:
Inger Blount and Jeanette Hughes won 2nd place in Flight C of the NAP at the Pittsburgh Spring Nationals. Jeff Ford and Wanwan Ren won 4th place.

Houston Regional:
Unit 207 members winning 25 masterpoints or more are: Jerry Bigler (57), Mildred Breed (55), Darlene Gilmore and Shirley Henry (53), Karen Snyder (48), Delois Nell (43), Lawton Hutchison (40), Dean Truair (39), George Richards (39), Anita Cokins (38), Ken Schutze (32), Larry Davis and Robert Donathon (31), George Pisk (26), Diane Ebert (26), Alex Kolesnik (25) and Genie Kaplan (25).

National Goodwill Committee:
Steve Bruce has been appointed as a lifetime member of the ACBL National Goodwill Committee. He has served our unit in many capacities such as unit board member and president and as a tournament chairman. He is currently the Unit Webmaster and Photographer.

New Board Members/Officers
New board members are: Linda Anthony, Mildred Breed and Diana Rogers (re-elected to a second term). The six members whose terms are continuing are: Laura Delfeld, Hal DeShong, Mary Anne Laier, Mark McAllister, Clint Schuhmacher, and Phyllis Tate.

New officers are: President, Mary Anne Laier; Vice-President, Hal DeShong; Treasurer, Clint Schuhmacher; Secretary, Diana Rogers.

Committee Chairs are: Caddies - Laura Delfeld, Conduct/Ethics - Pat Long, Contracts - Larry Davis, Education/Novices - Laura Delfeld and Hal DeShong, GNT Coordinator - Kevin Perkins, Hospitality - Mildred Breed, Laura Delfeld, and Diana Rogers, Membership - Mark McAllister, NAP Coordinator - Larry Davis, Photography - Steve Bruce, Publicity - Linda Anthony, Recorder - Marilou Powell, Scorecard (District 16 Newsletter) - Clint Schuhmacher, Supplies - Kevin Perkins, Tournament Coordinator/Unit Manager - James Wueste, Unit Newsletter Editor - Larry Davis, and WebMaster - Steve Bruce.

Membership Games:
Beginning in April, the local clubs will have Membership Games about once per month. Non-ACBL members may play at Membership Games, but if a member plays with a non-member neither player is eligible to win masterpoints. These games are 100% sectionally rated (black points). There is no extra charge.

Texas Star Award:
Steve Bruce is the Unit 207 recipient of the 2004 Texas Star Award. The recipient of this annual award is chosen by the Unit 207 Board of Directors for outstanding service to the bridge community. Past winners: Joan Adair, Millie Sherrod, Ray Robak, Lois Smith, Marguerite Wright, George Watkins, Kevin Perkins, Scott Humphrey, Tricia Kane, and Marilou Powell.

Lone Arranger Rides Again!:
Periodically, the unit holds a special unit tournament at which each player shows up without a partner, and the director divides the field in half based upon masterpoints. Each player in the lower half draws a partner from amongst those in the upper half. A few minutes are given for the newly formed partnership to fill out a convention card, and then the game begins. Usually, upper half players are at least Life Masters. The Lone Arranger (sans Tonto) rides again on April 9th (Sat) at the NW Center at 12:30.

Mechanical Errors:
A mechanical error occurs when your fingers (not your mind) go astray, grabbing the wrong bid from the bidding box. It is not a mechanical error if you made the wrong bid due to a mental error, even if you immediately realize the error. Suppose that your partner bids 2H over your 1NT and you raise to 3H. You immediately realize that you have forgotten that you are playing transfers and that you should have bid Spades. You have just made a mental error. Do not call the director and do not give your error away by some comment, facial expression and/or body language. A genuine mechanical error may be corrected, provided that your partner has not subsequently bid. Simply call the director. If you made a mechanical error and your partner has subsequently bid, you have to suffer the consequences. Do not call the director and do not give your (mechanical) error away by some comment, facial expression and/or body language.

Unit Growth Seminar:
Unit 207 will be holding a Unit Growth Seminar led by Donna Compton, District 16 Education/Membership Chairman. The seminar is designed to help our unit increase membership and participation. The exact date/time is yet to be determined (sometime in April or May). The location will be at the clubhouse of Hal DeShong's residential community. Everyone is encouraged to attend this seminar, but please notify Mary Anne Laier (Unit President) at 828-5013 if you plan to attend.