Unit 207 Newsletter
April 2006 / May 2006
Larry Davis, Editor  
Larry Davis, Editor

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The board member supervising the unit newsletter is Mary Anne Laier. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events
15 April(Sat)Bridge Center - Lone Arranger pairs
29 April(Sat)Bridge Center - Stratified Pairs (afternoon) AND Swiss Teams (evening) (separate events, may play in one or both)

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs
11 Apr(Tues)Bridge Center - Charity game
17 Apr(Mon)Bridge Center - Club Championship
18 Apr(Tues Eve)Senior Center - Club Championship
20 Apr(Thurs)Bridge Center - Membership game
22 Apr(Sat Day)Bridge Center - Club Championship
26 Apr(Weds Day)Bridge Center - Charity Game
28 Apr(Fri)Bridge Center - Club Championship
2 May(Tues)Bridge Center - InterClub Championship
4 -7 May(Thurs - Sun)no club games (Austin Sectional)
9 May(Tues)Bridge Center - Club Championship
11 May(Thurs)Bridge Center - International Fund Game #2 (ACBL-wide)
13 May(Sat Day)Bridge Center - Membership Game
14 May(Sun)Junior Fund game
15-21 May(Mon - Sun)Bridge Center - District 16 STaC games
19 May(Fri)Senior Center - Club Championship
23 May(Tues)South Austin Senior Center - Club Championship
24 May(Weds Day)Bridge Center - Club Championship
26 May(Fri)Bridge Center - International Fund game
29 May(Mon)no games (Memorial Day)
31 May(Weds Eve)Bridge Center - International Fund game

Future Austin Tournaments
May 06 (4th - 7th) - Clarion Inn (Chairmen: Linda Anthony and Diana Rogers)
June 06 (17th - 18th) - Bridge Center - NLM Sectional (Chairman: Kevin Perkins)
July 06 (29th - 4th) - DoubleTree Hotel - Regional (Chairmen: Davis/Laier/Schuhmacher)
Sept 06 (21st - 24th) - Clarion Inn (Chairman: Mark McAllister)
Oct 06 (21st - 22nd) - Bridge Center - NLM Sectional (Chairman: Kevin Perkins)
Jan 07 (4th - 7th) - DoubleTree (+ District 16 NAOP finals) (Chairs: Delfeld and Rogers)


New Life Masters (300):
Virgil Massey, Larry Smith

New Bronze Life Master (500):
Carolyn Hall, Jeanette Hughes, Pam LaShelle, Rita Shackelford, Virgil Massey

New Silver Life Master (1000):
Nancy Brown

(100) Stan Kurtzer

Houston Regional - Unit 207 members winning 25+ masterpoints were:
G. Pisk, A. Lennon, J. Lennon, J. Lacy, P. Phillips, J. Black, D. Rogers, L. Anthony, D. Gilmore, S. Henry, E. Bass, M. Breed, G. Richards and A. Cokins

Kevin Pekins
has been promoted to the rank of Tournament Director (from Associate Director). He is now qualified to be the Director-in-Charge (DIC) of tournaments. Perhaps one day soon he will be the DIC of an Austin tournament?

Grand National Teams (GNT)
Grand National Teams (GNT) The unit-level GNT finals have been held. Four B teams and one C team qualified to go to the district level. District 16 finals are May 27-29 in Richardson (Dallas). Flights A and Super-Flight go straight to the district level, but teams MUST pre-register for the event with the district GNT Coordinator. The national level is at the Summer Nationals.

New Board Members/Officers
New board members are: Joe Black; Mark McAllister; and Phyllis Tate. (Mark and Phyllis were re-elected to a second term.) The six members whose terms are continuing are: Linda Anthony; Mildred Breed; Laura Delfeld; Hal DeShong; Mary Anne Laier; and Diana Rogers. New officers are: President, Mary Anne Laier; Vice-President, Hal DeShong; Treasurer, Robert Donathon (appointed); and Secretary, Diana Rogers. Committee Chairs are: Caddies - Laura Delfeld; Conduct/Ethics - Pat Long; Contracts - Larry Davis; Education/Novices - Linda Anthony and Kevin Perkins; Financial Review - Earl Jennings; GNT Coordinator - Kevin Perkins; Hospitality - Phyllis Tate; Membership - Mark McAllister; NAP Coordinator - Larry Davis; Partnerships - Orpha Gips and Mark Mcallister; Photography - Steve Bruce; Publicity - Linda Anthony; Recorder - Marilou Powell; Scorecard (District 16 Newsletter) - Linda Anthony; Supplies - Kevin Perkins; Tournament Coordinator/Unit Manager - Joe Black; Unit Newsletter Editor - Larry Davis; and WebMaster - Steve Bruce.

Texas Star Award
George Pisk is the Unit 207 recipient of the 2005 Texas Star Award. The recipient of this annual award is chosen by the Unit 207 Board of Directors for outstanding service to the bridge community. Past winners: Joan Adair, Millie Sherrod, Ray Robak, Lois Smith, Marguerite Wright, George Watkins, Kevin Perkins, Scott Humphrey, Tricia Kane, Marilou Powell and Steve Bruce.

Lone Arranger Rides Again!
Periodically, the unit holds a special unit tournament at which each player shows up without a partner, and the director divides the field in half (based on masterpoints). Each player in the lower half draws a partner from amongst those in the upper half. A few minutes are given for the newly formed partnership to fill out a convention card, and then the game begins. Usually, upper-half players are at least Life Masters. The Lone Arranger (sans Tonto) rides again on April 15th (Sat) at the Bridge Center.

Bridge Plus+
Bridge Plus+ is a fun, stress-free way for new bridge players to be introduced to duplicate bridge. The game has an upper limit of 5 masterpoints. There is a 20-minute lesson followed by a short break and then about two hours of bridge, playing in a loosely duplicate format. Weekly Bridge Plus+ games begin Tuesday, April 11th, at 11:30, with Mary Anne Laier. and on Wednesday, April 19th, at 6:30 p.m., with Scott Humphrey and Kevin Perkins. Let your beginning bridge-playing friends know about this program.

Game Cancelled
The Monday morning 0-300 game at the Bridge Center is permanently cancelled. It has been replaced by the Bridge Plus games described above. Last game is on March 27th.

Insufficient Bids
A director often encounters the following: the person who makes an insufficient bid gives an explanation to the director (and, therefore, to everyone else at the table) as to how this happened. Usually, the explanation is "I didn't see partner's opening bid." DO NOT give this (or any other) explanation. None is needed. The offender wants to explain himself, but what the explanation actually does is give unauthorized information to partner. In many bidding scenarios, an explanation (of not seeing a bid) tells offender's partner that offender has an opening hand (rather than a one-level response showing perhaps just 6 HCP, or a two-level response showing perhaps just 10 HCP). This unauthorized information may subject offender to extra (and perhaps more serious) penalties. Simply call the director when an insufficient bid occurs, and let the director do all of the talking and question asking.

Also, remember that the person to the left of the insufficient bidder has the first option. He may choose to accept the insufficient bid. DO NOT simply make the bid sufficient without first calling the director. Furthermore, you are not required to make the bid sufficient. You may not double, but you may pass or make some other sufficient bid. If you do choose not to make the original insufficient bid sufficient, your partner will be barred from bidding for the duration of the auction and there will be lead penalties if your side becomes the defenders.

Eve Bindeman of Austin, Gold Life Master.