Unit 207 Newsletter

April/May 08


The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.


Upcoming Unit 207 Events

12 Apr (Sat) - Bridge Center - Lone Arranger Pairs (come without a partner)

19 Apr (Sat day) - Bridge Center - Stratified Open Pairs

19 Apr (Sat eve) - Bridge Center - Team game

31 May (Sat) - Bridge Center - Ice Cream Social Stratified Open Pairs


Upcoming Special Games at Clubs

3 Apr (Thurs) - Bridge Center - Membership game

5 Apr (Sat day/eve) - Bridge Center games held at home of Flora Pettit - reservations

6 Apr (Sun) - Bridge Center game held at home of Flora Pettit - reservations needed

8 Apr (Tues) - Senior Center - Club Championship

11 Apr (Fri) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

13 Apr (Sun) - Bridge Center - Mentor/mentee game and regular open game (separate)

16 Apr (Weds day) - Bridge Center - Charity game

21 Apr (Mon) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

22 Apr (Tues) - Bridge Center - Charity game

26 Apr (Sat day) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

27 Apr (Sun) - Bridge Center - Charity game

29 Apr (Tues) - South Austin Senior Center - Membership game

1 - 4 May (Thurs - Sun) - no games (Austin Sectional)

7 May (Weds day) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

10 May (Sat day) - Bridge Center - Upgraded Club Championship

13 May (Tues) - South Austin Senior Center - Club Championship

16 May (Fri) - Senior Center - Club Championship

17 May (Sat day) - Bridge Center - Membership game

20 May (Tues) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

26 May (Mon) - Senior Center game held at home of Larry Davis -reservations needed


Future Austin Tournaments

Apr 08 (5th - 6th) - Bridge Center - NLM Sectional

May 08 (1st - 4th) - Austin Sectional - Clarion Inn

July 08 (30th - 6th) - Austin Regional - DoubleTree

July 08 (26th - 27th) - Bridge Center - NLM Sectional

Sept 08 (18th - 21st) Austin Sectional Ben Hur Shrine- 7811 Rockwood

Nov 08 (15th - 16th) - Bridge Center - NLM Sectional

Jan 09 (1st - 4th) - Austin Sectional and District 16 NAOP - DoubleTree


New Life Master: Ronald Lantz

New Bronze Life Masters (500): Joyce Cooper, Dean Yarian

New Silver Life Master (1000): Dorothy Burns

Others: (15,000) Tobi Sokolow; (14,000) Mildred Breed; (8000) Paul Kelley, Ken Schutze; (2000) Louis Sachar; (1500) Geoff Blandy, Barbara Burks, Janet Clark, Claudette Hartman; (750) Diane Daley, Jeanette Hughes; (200) Michael Ford, Gloria Wilson; (100) Marcia Jameson, Patsy Martin, Jan McLaurin, Charles O'Neil; (50) Lucerne Bunch, Bobbie Gruhlkey, Diana Whitfield


Those winning 20+ points at the Houston Regional were: Mildred Breed, Ken Schutze, Larry Davis, Robert Donathan, Virgil Massey, Charlene Sands, Jack Lacy, David Farris, Jeanette Hughes, Inger Bount, George Pisk, Eddie Bass, Harriette Bowles, Louis Sachar


Texas Star Award: Bob Chambers


District 16 President: Larry Davis recently elected.

District 16 Executive Secretary: Mary Anne Laier recently elected.

Unit 207 Board Elections

New Board members: Harriette Bowles, Larry Davis, Robert Donathan and Mark Miller. Continuing Board members: Charlie Aufill, Joe Black, Mark McAllister, Leonard McCormick and Phyllis Tate.

New officers: President, Mark McAllister; Vice-President, Charlie Aufill; Treasurer, Robert Donathan and Secretary, Leonard McCormick.

Committee Chairs: Caddies - Laura Delfeld, Conduct/Ethics - George Watkins, Contracts-Larry Davis, Education - Mary Anne Laier, Financial Review - Earl Jennings,

GNT Coordinator - Scott Humphrey, Hospitality - Harriette Bowles, Membership - Mark Miller, NAOP Coordinator - Larry Davis, Novices - Charlie Aufill, Photography - Mark McAllister, Publicity - Linda Anthony, Recorder - TBD, District 16 Scorecard - Linda Anthony, Supplies - Jim Wueste, Tournament Coordinator/Business Manager - Joe Black, Unit Newsletter - Larry Davis, WebMasters - Steve Bruce & Mark McAllister.


Austin Regional

The every-other-year Austin Regional is traditionally held over the Fourth of July. The dates this year are June 30th (Monday night) through July 6th (Sunday). These events are sponsored and managed by Unit 207, specifically the Unit Board and its appointed tournament chairmen. A number of committees are formed to deal with the various aspects of running a regional tournament. (A typical job is manning a booth for an hour.) You may be asked by one the chairmen to help by donating some of your time during the regional. A successful tournament cannot be run without a lot of help from a lot of people. Please say yes if asked to help. Better yet, volunteer before being asked.

Lone Arranger Rides Again!

Periodically, the unit holds a special unit championship at which each player shows up without a partner, and the director divides the field in half (based on masterpoints). Each player in the lower half draws a partner from amongst those in the upper half. A few minutes are given for the newly formed partnership to fill out a convention card, and then the game begins. The Lone Arranger (sans Tonto) rides again on April 12th (Sat).


Mentor Program

The Mentor Program ends April 30th. After that date, the Unit will no longer subsidize (two free plays per month) the mentors. A "Thank You" to all those who participated. The Unit Board will decide whether to resume the program in the fall.


ACBL Organization

The ACBL is headquartered in Memphis, TN. The ACBL is divided into districts. We are in District 16, which encompasses most of Texas and all of Mexico. Each district is sub-divided into units. There are 17 units in District 16, two of which are in Mexico. The Austin-area unit is #207. (The Austin-area includes clubs in Georgetown, Lockhart, Marble Falls and Kingsland.) Unit 207 is governed by a Board of Directors. There are nine members, three of which are elected each year for a three-year term. Board members may serve for two consecutive terms (if re-elected). A slate of candidates is presented at the annual meeting of the unit and additional nominations may be made from the floor. The annual meeting is held in February. The Unit Board elects its own officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers serve one-year terms and may be re-elected for any number of terms as long as they remain on the Board. The Unit Board has a number of committees, usually chaired by members of the Board. The Unit Board meets once a month, historically on the second Wednesday of the month. . Among its many responsibilities, the one that is probably the most important to most of the unit members is the hosting of a Regional Tournament (every other year), three Sectional Tournaments (January, May and September) and many Unit Championships. The Board also hosts the unit-level Grand National Teams (GNTs) qualifier and the unit-level National Open Pairs (NAOPs) qualifier each year. Unit Championships are usually held at the Bridge Center, but they are not hosted by the Bridge Center (which is a privately owned bridge club). From personal experience, a lot of work goes into hosting these events. Consider helping out, if asked to volunteer. Better yet, volunteer without having to be asked. The Unit Board also sponsors the unit newsletter, the mentor program and other educational programs. The Board is responsible for "novice" events, which consist of three NLM Tournaments per year (April, July and November) and "novice" events at Sectional and Regional Tournaments.

Deaths and Departures

Theo Windsor - Bronze Life Master Jim and Pat Griffin to Sacramento, CA