Unit 207 Newsletter

June/July 08


The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis.  The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December.  Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.


Upcoming Unit 207 Events

31 May (Sat) - Bridge Center - Ice Cream Social Stratified Open Pairs

14 June (Sat) - Bridge Center - City Championship - two-session

                         Stratified Open Pairs (strats: 0-500, 500-2000, 2000+)                   

21 June (Sat) - Bridge Center - IMP Pairs


Upcoming Special Games at Clubs

4 June (Weds eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

7 June (Sat day) - Bridge Center - NAP game

10 June (Tues) - Bridge Center - NAP game

13 June (Fri) - Bridge Center - NAP game

15 June (Sun) - Bridge Center - handicap game

16 June (Mon) - Bridge Center - NAP game

19 June (Thurs) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

21 June (Sat eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

22 June (Sun) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

23 June (Mon) - Senior Center - Club Championship

24 June (Tues) - Senior Center - Membership game

23 - 29 June (Mon - Sun) - both clubs - STaC games (see below)

27 June (Fri eve) - Bridge Center -STaC game

30 June (Mon eve) - Bridge Center - no game (Austin Regional)

1  - 6 July (Tues - Sun) - no games - Austin Regional

9 July (Weds day) - Bridge Center - NAP game

11 July (Fri) - Senior Center - Membership game

12 July (Sat day) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

13 July (Sun) - Bridge Center - NAP game

14 July (Mon) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

15 July (Tues) - Senior Center - Club Championship

16 July (Weds eve) - Bridge Center - NAP game

18 July (Fri) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

20 July (Sun) - Bridge Center - handicap game

26 - 27 July (Sat - Sun) - Bridge Center - games at Flora’s house

30 July (Weds eve) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

31 July (Thurs) - Bridge Center - NAP game


Future Austin Tournaments

July 08 (30th - 6th) - Austin Regional - DoubleTree

July 08 (26th - 27th) - Bridge Center - NLM Sectional

Sept 08 (18th - 21st) - Ben Hur Shrine - 7811 Rockwood (near MoPac/Anderson Lane)

Oct 08 (4th - 5th) - Bridge Center - 0-100 Sectional

Nov 08 (15th - 16th) - Bridge Center - NLM Sectional

Jan 09 (1st - 4th) - Austin Sectional and District 16 NAOP - DoubleTree

May 09 (7th - 10th) - Austin Sectional

Sept 09 (17th - 20th) - Austin Sectional



New Life Masters: Barbara Hollahan, Marilyn Sharratt 

New Bronze Life Masters (500): Diane Decker, Irene Parker

New Silver Life Masters (1000): John Taylor

Others: (4000) Tom Clark; (750) Joe Black, Shirley Holland; (200) Marvin Schrager, Vivian Thompson; (100) Sonya Armstrong, Daphene Campbell, Liz Hinkle, Jeff Lane, Terri O'Brien, George Ricker; (50) Nancy Bell, Barbara Vervenne


Those winning 10+ points at the Austin Sectional were: J Lacy, L Sachar, R Donathan,

K Snyder, S George, M Breed, A Cokins, T Sokolow, J Bigler, P Burka, D Sokolow,

K Schutze, C Nelson, D Ebert, R Kelley, E Tobias, L Davis and S Bruce.


New ACBL Club Director: Sally Sekac

Tournament Director promotion: Scott Humphrey to Associate Tournament Director


May Sectional

The tournament chairman was Charlie Aufill.  Other chairmen were: Laura Delfeld - Caddies, Larry Davis - Contracts, Harriette Bowles - Partnerships, Larry Davis and Mark McAllister - Photography and Jim Wueste (assisted by Larry Davis and Mark McAllister) - Supplies.  Robert Donathan helped considerably with Hospitality.  One does not have to be on the Unit 207 Board in order to be a tournament chairman (sectional, regional or NLM).  If you are interested in being a tournament chairman, please contact the Unit 207 president (Mark McAllister).  


NAP Games

Club-level qualification begins in June.  There are 12 NAP games scheduled (4 each month at the Bridge Center, spread among the various days of the week).  The strats are: C - less than 500 masterpoints and not a Life Master, B - 500 to 1999 and A - 2000+.  June dates are: 7th (Sat day), 10th (Tues), 13th (Fri) and 16th (Mon).  July dates are:               9th (Weds day), 13th (Sun), 16th (Weds eve) and 31st (Thurs).  August dates are: 4th (Mon), 9th (Sat day), 20th (Weds eve), and 24th (Sun). The unit final (for those qualifying at the club-level) will be October 11th (Sat) at the Bridge Center.  It will be a two-session event.  For those qualifying at the unit-level (about 50% of each strat), the District 16 NAP final will be held at the Austin sectional in January 2009. District-level winners (3 or 4 in each strat) advance to the national-level, played at the Spring Nationals (Houston).   


District 16 STaC Games

During the week of June 23rd - 29th, Sectional Tournament at Clubs (STaC) games are held at the Bridge Center open games and at the Senior Center Tuesday afternoon and Friday games.  The strats are 1250+, 300 - 1250, and 0 - 300.  Silver points are awarded at the club and district levels.  The results of these games are emailed to District 16, and district-level winners are determined.  It is as if a district-wide sectional tournament was being held each day (afternoon and evening), with appropriate (i.e. extra) masterpoints awarded.  The district-level results can be viewed on the web within a few days of each game.  These games usually cost $1 extra.  


Austin Regional

 The every-other-year Austin Regional is traditionally held over the Fourth of July.  The dates this year are June 30th (Monday night) through July 6th (Sunday).  These events are sponsored and managed by Unit 207, specifically the Unit Board and its appointed tournament chairmen (Larry Davis and Mary Anne Laier).  A number of committees are formed to deal with the various aspects of running a regional tournament.  (A typical job is manning a booth for an hour.) You may be asked by one the committee chairmen to help by donating some of your time during the regional.  A successful tournament cannot be run without a lot of help from a lot of people.  Please say yes if asked to help.  Better yet, volunteer before being asked.


Austin 0-100 Sectional

The Austin Unit is sponsoring a 0-100 Sectional to be held October 4th and 5th at the Bridge Center.  The strats will be: A 50 - 100, B 10 - 50, C 0 - 10.  There will be one session each afternoon at 1:30.  No morning or evening sessions.  The tournament chairman and partnership chairman is Larry Davis (343-6942, larrysdavis@earthlink.net).


September Austin Sectional - New Location

The September Sectional (18th - 21st) will be held at a new location - the Ben Hur Shrine at 7811 Rockwood.  From MoPac (Loop 1), take the Anderson/Spicewood Springs exit, go east on Anderson Lane, past the light at Shoal Creek, to the light at Rockwood.  Turn right (south) on Rockwood.  The site will be on your left (east) in less than 1/4 mile.  


Buda Duplicate Bridge

A sanctioned pairs game is held in Buda on Mondays at 12:30 pm. Director Mary Anne Laier (512-261-3723) gives a short lesson at 12 pm. A map of the location can be found at



Deaths and Departures

Jo Bennett, Bronze Life Master

Bob Chambers to Lufkin, TX

Charles Hampton to Hewitt (Waco), TX