Unit 207 Newsletter

August/Sept 08


The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.


Upcoming Unit 207 Events

16 Aug (Sat) - Bridge Center - Ice Cream Social - "Eight Is Enough" Team Game

(see article on back for description)

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs

4 Aug (Mon) - Bridge Center - NAP game

5 Aug (Tues) - South Austin Senior Center - Club Championship

6 Aug (Weds day) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

9 Aug (Sat day) - Bridge Center - NAP game

12 Aug (Tues) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

14 Aug (Thurs) - Bridge Center - Charity game

17 Aug (Sun) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

20 Aug (Weds eve) - Bridge Center - NAP game

22 Aug (Fri) - Senior Center - Club Championship

24 Aug (Sun) - Bridge Center - NAP game (last one)

25 Aug (Mon) - Senior Center - Membership game

25 Aug (Mon) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

1 Sept (Mon) - Senior Center - no game (Labor Day)

1 Sept (Mon eve) - Bridge Center - there IS a game (evening)

3 Sept (Weds eve) - Bridge Center - Membership game

4 Sept (Thurs) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

6 - 7 Sept (Sat/Sun) - Bridge Center - no games (New Braunfels sectional)

8 Sept (Mon) - Senior Center - Club Championship

13 Sept (Sat eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

18 - 21 Sept (Thurs - Sun) - no club games (Austin Sectional)

24 Sept (Weds eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

26 Sept (Fri) - Bridge Center - Membership game

28 Sept (Sun) - Bridge Center - Club Championship


Future Austin Tournaments

July 08 (26th - 27th) - Bridge Center - NLM Sectional

Sept 08 (18th - 21st) - Ben Hur Shrine - 7811 Rockwood (near MoPac/Anderson)

Oct 08 (4th - 5th) - 0-100 Sectional - Bridge Center

Nov 08 (15th - 16th) - NLM Sectional - Bridge Center

Jan 09 (1st - 4th) - Austin Sectional and District 16 NAOP - DoubleTree

May 09 (7th - 10th) - Austin Sectional

Sept 09 (17th - 20th) - Austin Sectional


New Bronze Life Master (500): Carol Nelson

New Silver Life Master (1000): Kathy McCabe

Others: (1500) Eddie Bass, Robert Donathan; (750) Mary Parchman;

(200) Jan McLaurin, Qiang Zhang; (100) Susan Emerson, Jeff Emmert, Roundman Hurst;

(50) Charles Kastner


Those winning 25+ points at the Austin Regional were: K Schutze, S Bruce, M Breed, A Cokins, J Ferguson, G Pisk, V Massey, L Davis, C Sands, R Donathan, M Craig, S Hoger, E Bass, G Powell, Marcia Powell, M Miller, L Delfeld, Q Zhang, D Feng, P Kelley, R Pruiett, G Schepens, P Burka, N Joe, N Dean, B Hollahan, D Ebert, C Nelson, G Wilson, J Gordon, D Frankeny and R Frankeny.


September Austin Sectional - New Location

The September Sectional (18th - 21st) will be held at a new location - the Ben Hur Shrine at 7811 Rockwood. From MoPac (Loop 1), take the Anderson/Spicewood Springs exit, go east on Anderson Lane, past the light at Shoal Creek, to the light at Rockwood. Turn right (south) on Rockwood. The site will be on your left (east) in less than 1/4 mile.




Unit Championships

Unit 207 sponsors about 20 bridge events per year. They can be held anywhere but are usually held at the Bridge Center. Regardless of where they are physically held, the Unit (not a bridge club) is the governing entity. The directors are hired by the Unit. If you are not satisfied with the director or an action taken by the director of a unit-sponsored event, do one (or both) of the following. Talk to the director privately and discretely explaining what it is that you find unsatisfactory. This may well resolve the issue. If it does not, write a letter to the Unit 207 Board of Directors (Mark McAllister, President) or talk to a unit Board member at a later time. In the meantime, the Unit-hired director is in charge of the game and makes the final decisions on all matters pertaining thereto. Disruptive behavior at a unit-sponsored game can result in unit-level disciplinary action.


Eight Is Enough

What is the Unit-sponsored "Eight Is Enough" team game held on August 16th (Saturday at 1:30)? This novel idea has been tried in other parts of the state and country and has been very successful. An "A" player for this particular game is one with 2000+ masterpoints and counts as three points toward the "Eight". A "B" player is one with 750 - 1999 masterpoints and counts as two points. A "C" player has less than 750 masterpoints and counts as one point. No team may have more than eight points "worth" of players. Possible combinations of exactly eight (a team may choose to have less than eight) are: (2 A and 2 C), (4 B), (1A, 2B and 1C).

July Regional

The regional tournament was very successful financially. Numerous favorable comments were received by the various chairmen (see below) from both local and out-of-town players. There were very few unfavorable comments, and those were minor.

The tournament chairmen were Larry Davis and Mary Anne Laier. Other chairmen were: Laura Delfeld and Martha Norman - Caddies, Larry Davis - Contracts, Marilou Powell - Hospitality, Matthew Grant - Newsletter Editor, Nancy Dean and Marilyn Sharratt - Novice Program, Harriette Bowles and Diana Rogers - Partnerships, Joe Black, Nancy Joe and Mark McAllister - Photography, Linda Anthony Publicity, and Jim Wueste (assisted by Larry Davis and Mark McAllister) Supplies.


NAP Games

Club-level qualification began in June. Four NAP games remain. August dates are: 4th (Mon), 9th (Sat day), 20th (Weds eve), and 24th (Sun). The unit final (for those qualifying at the club-level) will be October 11th (Sat) at the Bridge Center. It will be a two-session event. For those qualifying at the unit-level (about 50% of each strat), the District 16 NAP final will be held at the Austin sectional in January 2009. District-level winners (3 or 4 in each strat) advance to the national-level, played at the Spring Nationals (Houston).


Austin 0-100 Sectional

The Austin Unit is sponsoring a 0-100 Sectional to be held October 4th and 5th at the Bridge Center. The strats will be: A 50 - 100, B 10 - 50, C 0 - 10. There will be one session each afternoon at 1:30. No morning or evening sessions. The tournament chairman and partnership chairman is Larry Davis (343-6942, larrysdavis@earthlink.net).


Honoring Dena Bruce
Austin friends of Dena Bruce would like to honor her at the Houston Nationals in March 2009 by having a regional event named for her. Anyone wishing to contribute should contact Marilou Powell as soon as possible.


Seeing the Opponent's or Partner's Cards

There seems to be constant confusion about this. If a defender (or the dummy) can see a card of the declarer's, that does not by itself mean that the declarer must play that card. The declarer has played a card from his hand only (1) if it is face up and touching or nearly touching (not further defined in the Laws as a certain number of inches) the table or (2) if it is held in such a way as to indicate that it has been played (not further defined in the Laws). If the declarer can see a defender's card, that does not by itself mean that the defender must play that card. However, if a defender holds a card in such a way that his partner could (not necessarily does) see the face of the card, then that card must be played to the current trick (unless such a play would be a revoke in which case the card becomes an exposed card, and therefore a penalty card).

Deaths and Departures

Isabel Burleigh
Sol Steinberg