Unit 207 Newsletter

Dec/Jan 09

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events

6 Dec (Sat) - Bridge Center - Eight Is Enough and 0-100 (team games)

9 Dec (Tues) - South Austin Senior Center - stratified open pairs

14 Dec (Sun) - Bridge Center - Unit Christmas Party - two single-sessions

19 Dec (Fri eve) - Bridge Center - stratified open pairs

24 Jan (Sat - day) - Bridge Center - individual pair game

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs

1 Dec (Mon) - Senior Center - Club Championship

1 Dec (Mon - day) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

3 Dec (Weds -day) - Bridge Center - Membership game

5 Dec (Fri - day) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

7 Dec (Sun) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

12 Dec (Fri - day) - Bridge Center - Upgraded Club Championship

16 Dec (Tues) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

16 Dec (Tues) - Senior Center - Charity game

20 Dec (Sat- day) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

22 Dec (Mon - day) - Bridge Center - Membership game

24 Dec (Weds evening) - Bridge Center - no game (day game IS held)

25 Dec (Thurs) - Bridge Center - no game

26 Dec (Fri) - Senior Center - there IS a game

26 Dec (Fri) - Bridge Center - there IS a game

27 Dec (Sat eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

31 Dec (Weds - eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

1 - 4 Jan 2009 (Thurs-Sun) - no games (Austin Sectional)

6 Jan (Tues) - Bridge Center - Charity game

9 Jan (Fri - day) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

10 Jan (Sat - eve) - Bridge Center - Education Fund game

12 Jan (Mon -day) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

14 Jan (Weds eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

17 Jan (Sat - day) - Bridge Center - Membership game

19 Jan (Mon) - Senior Center game at home of Larry Davis

21 Jan (Weds - day) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game)

25 Jan (Sun) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

26 Jan (Mon - eve) Bridge Center - Education Foundation game

27 Jan (Tues) - Senior Center - Club Championship

29 Jan (Thurs) - Bridge Center - Upgraded Club Championship

Future Austin Tournaments

Jan 09 (1st - 4th) - Austin Sectional and District 16 NAOP - DoubleTree

March 09 (7th - 8th) - 0-100 Sectional - Bridge Center

April 09 (4th - 5th) - NLM Sectional - Bridge Center

May 09 (7th - 10th) - Austin Sectional - Bridge Center

July 09 (18th - 19th) - NLM Sectional - Bridge Center

Sept 09 (17th - 20th) - Austin Sectional - Bridge Center

Nov 09 (14th - 15th) - NLM Sectional - Bridge Center


New Life Masters: Vivian Thompson

New Bronze Life Masters (500): Malou Flato, Barbara Hollahan

New Silver Life Masters (1000): Alice White

New Gold Life Masters (2500): Betty Daniel, Larry Davis

Others: (1500) Martha Bullington; (750) Danny Feng, Diana Frankeny, Richard Frankeny, Sonje Hinich, Bob Pflugbeil, Kyong Shuey; (100) Lucerne Bunch, Wreatha Leonard, Kathleen Malcomson; (50) Sue Breeding

Eight Is Enough (reprise)

What is the "Eight Is Enough" team game to be held on December 6th (Saturday at 1:30)

which is sponsored by the Unit? (The August first-ever event was wildly successful (25 tables)). An "A" player is one with 2000+ masterpoints and counts as three points toward the "Eight". A "B" player is one with 750 - 1999 masterpoints and counts as two points. A "C" player has less than 750 masterpoints and counts as one point. No team may have more than eight points "worth" of players. Possible combinations of exactly eight (a team may choose to have less than eight) are: (2 A and 2 C), (4 B), (1A, 2B and 1C).

Inaugural 0-100 Team Game

Along with the December 6th "Eight Is Enough" event (above), a completely separate team game will be held for players with 0-100 masterpoints. Each player must have less than 100 masterpoints. (The team total can be more.) There will be people available to help with the scoring and the comparison - so don't worry if you are not sure of the mechanics of a team game. If you've never played in a team game, here is your chance to do so in a relatively "gentle" environment.

Christmas/Holiday Parties

Various Christmas parties are being held in December. The Unit 207 party is December 14th (Sunday) at the Bridge Center. There will be two single-session, charity, stratified pairs games with a catered meal between sessions. There is no charge for Unit 207 members. Reservations are required. Reserve with Mark McAllister (257-2320).

The Senior Activity Center party is Tuesday, December 16th. Dinner at 6:00 and bridge at 6:45 (charity, stratified pairs). The cost is $6 if you bring a dish, $10 without a dish. Reservations are not required, but please sign up at the SAC indicating the kind of dish you will bring. The event is "formal" (coat/tie encouraged).

The Bridge Center party/unit championship game is Friday, December 19th at 7:00 (dinner at 6:00). The Center will provide a main course and drinks. Bring a side dish/dessert if you wish.

The South Austin Senior Activity Center party/unit championship game is Tuesday, December 9th at 12:30. Snacks provided. Bring a snack-type dish if you wish.

NAP Games

For those who qualified at the unit-level NAP game held in October, the District 16 NAP final will be held at the Austin sectional on January 3rd and 4th (Sat - Sun). District-level winners advance to the national-level, played at the Spring Nationals (Houston). You do not have to play with the person with whom you qualified, but you must play with someone in District 16 who did qualify at the unit-level.

Grand National Teams (GNT)

The unit-level GNT qualifier for flights B and C will be held on Saturday Feb. 21, 2009.

It is a two-session event. The upper half of each flight qualifies to go the district-level (usually held in Richardson (Dallas) over the Memorial Day weekend). The national-level is at the Summer Nationals. Must play both sessions.

Austin 0-100 Sectional

The Austin Unit sponsored its first-ever 0-100 Sectional in October. It was very successful. Another such Sectional is planned for March 7th and 8th of 2009 at the Bridge Center. The tournament chairman and partnership chairman is Larry Davis (343-6942, larrysdavis@att.net).

Mentor Program

Unit 207 will again sponsor a Mentor program, beginning in January 5th, 2009.

Current plans call for "mentees" (those being mentored) to have less than 20 masterpoints as of Dec. 1 2008. If you are interested in being a mentee (or a mentor), please email or call Linda Anthony at loosku@sbcglobal.net, 327-0146. Sign-up deadline is Dec. 1 2008. The five-month program will run from January to May. Mentors may play bridge (free!) with their mentees (who do pay, but only for themselves) twice per month. Mentors/mentees may play bridge more than twice per month, but the Unit will subsidize (the mentors) only two games/month.

Deaths and Departures

Joe Galia, Silver Life Master