Unit 207 Newsletter

Feb/Mar 09

The Unit 207 Newsletter editor is Larry Davis. The newsletter will be available on or about the first day of the months of February, April, June, August, October and December. Please let the editor know about newsworthy items so that they may be included in the newsletter.

Upcoming Unit 207 Events

14 Feb (Sat - day) - Bridge Center - Annual Unit Meeting - Stratified Open Pairs

21 Feb (Sat - day/eve) - Bridge Center - Unit-level GNT - two-session teams - B and C

8 Mar (Sun) - Bridge Center - Stratified Open Pairs

1 April (Weds - day) - Bridge Center - Stratified Open Pairs

Upcoming Special Games at Clubs

7 Feb (Sat - day) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

9 Feb (Mon - eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

10 Feb (Tues) - South Austin Senior Center - Club Championship

11 Feb (Weds - eve) - Bridge Center - Membership game

14 Feb (Sat - eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

16 Feb (Mon) - Senior Center game at home of Larry Davis

19 Feb (Thurs) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

20 Feb (Fri) - Senior Center - Club Championship

20 Feb (Fri - eve) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

23 Feb (Mon - day) - Bridge Center - ACBL Senior Pairs

24 Feb (Tues) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

2 Mar (Mon - day) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

6 Mar (Fri - day) - Bridge Center - Education Fund game

7 Mar (Sat - eve) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game (teams)

9 Mar (Mon) - Senior Center - Club Championship

11 Mar (Weds - day) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

21 Mar (Sat - day) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

26 Mar (Thurs) - Bridge Center - Membership game

27 Mar (Fri - eve) - Bridge Center - Club Championship

29 Mar (Sun) - Bridge Center - Junior Fund game

30 Mar (Mon - day) - Bridge Center - Charity game

Future Austin Tournaments

March 09 (7th - 8th) - 0-100 Sectional - Bridge Center

April 09 (4th - 5th) - NLM Sectional - Bridge Center

May 09 (7th - 10th) - Austin Sectional - Bridge Center

July 09 (18th - 19th) - NLM Sectional - Bridge Center

Sept 09 (17th - 20th) - Austin Sectional - Bridge Center

Nov 09 (14th - 15th) - NLM Sectional - Bridge Center

Jan 10 (7th - 10th) - Austin Sectional - TBD


New Life Masters: Mary Hahn, Mark Miller

New Silver Life Masters (1000): Pam Phillips

Others: (6000) Rosemary Kelley; (4500) Marilou Powell; (4000) Lynn Baker; (1500) William Charowas, Al Sekac; (750) Beverly Larsen, Jewel Stewart-Dahl, Edna Whitworth; (200) Robert Benson, Terri O'Brien; (100) Wanda Kuehler

Eddie Bass was 2nd place in the District 16 NAP Flight B finals. His partner was a former Unit 207 member, Jimmy Breihan.

Unit 207 members winning 10+ masterpoints at the January Sectional are: L Sachar, T Clark, J Clark, J Lacy, J Bigler, R Kelley, P Kelley, J Black, A Cokins, L Goodman, J Rush, J Cooper, J Stocker, D Farris, M Miller, B Hollahan, L Davis, P Geiler, E Meyer, V Massey and C Sands

Unit 207 Annual Meeting

The annual meeting will be held February 14th (Sat) at the Bridge Center at 1:00. A stratified open pairs game will follow at 1:30 (free, if attended meeting). The nominees for three positions on the nine-member unit board are: Mark Craig, Nancy Dean, Greg Kania, Pam LaShelle, George Watkins, and Dean Yarian. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. Ballots will be mailed to all Unit 207 members a few days later. They may be returned by mail or at a local club game. The six members whose terms are continuing are: Charlie Aufill, Harriette Bowles, Larry Davis, Robert Donathan, Leonard McCormick and Mark Miller.

January Sectional

Attendance was spectacular at the sectional! The tournament chairmen were Joe Black and Phyllis Tate. Other chairmen: Laura Delfeld - Caddies, Larry Davis and Robert Donathan - Contracts, Mark Craig - Partnerships, Steve Bruce, Nancy Joe and Mark McAllister - Photography and Jim Wueste (with much assistance from Larry Davis and Mark McAllister) - Supplies.

Grand National Teams (GNT)

The unit-level GNT qualifier for flights B and C will be held on Feb 21st (Saturday).

Flight B may have no player with more than 2000 masterpoints. Flight C may have no player with more than 500 masterpoints and no player may be a Life Master. It is a two-session event. The upper half of each flight qualifies to go the district level (usually held in Richardson over the Memorial Day weekend). The national level is at the Summer Nationals.

Austin 0-100 Sectional

Austin's second 0-100 Sectional is March 7th and 8th at the Bridge Center. (The first-ever one held last October was very successful.) There are two sessions - Saturday at 1:30 and Sunday at 1:30. (There is no Saturday evening session.) The tournament chairman and partnership chairman is Larry Davis (343-6942, larrysdavis@att.net).

Conduct and Ethics

Conduct and Ethics complaints may be made by any ACBL member. The entity having jurisdiction is either the Unit or a bridge club. The Unit has jurisdiction at tournaments (including NLM or lower) and at Unit Championships, Unit-level NAP games and Unit-level GNT games, regardless of where the games are held. Complaints should be made with the Unit 207 Conduct and Ethics (C/E) chairman (currently George Watkins). Complaints must be in made in writing and within 30 days of the incident. If you are not sure whether the incident is of sufficient gravity to merit a formal complaint, feel free to speak to the C/E Chairman or to the Unit President. The letter may be signed by more than one person. The Unit C/E Committee has considerable powers, including expulsion from the ACBL or suspension from all ACBL events at any level (including club games) for a specified period of time (months or years).

If an incident happens at a club session that is not a Unit event, write or speak to the Club Manager or Club President. Clubs vary in how these matters are handled. Clubs have considerable powers, but only with respect to the club in question. Clubs may bar players from playing at the club for any length of time. Actions taken by a club affect only that particular club - there is no "legal" effect on other clubs or on ACBL tournaments.

Any ACBL member may make a complaint and should make a complaint if the incident merits it. Unit C/E committees do not discriminate based upon the status of the complainant. The merits of the complaint (not who makes the complaint) determine the outcome. From personal experience, I will tell you that Unit 207 and bridge clubs take complaints from newer players very seriously, because the Unit and bridge clubs very much want to retain new bridge players. Too often, new players have a bad experience (conduct and ethics-wise) and quit playing duplicate bridge. Action is taken on complaints. At a minimum, the offending player is given a warning. Do remember that duplicate bridge is competitive, and a lack of sociability on the part of opponents is not in itself grounds for a complaint. Insulting behavior (including gloating) is a ground.